Fact Check: Joy Behar Denies Wearing Blackface Despite Dressing Up as ‘Beautiful African Woman’

Joy Behar has denied ever being in blackface despite the fact that she went to a costume party as a Black woman. As she explained it, she wore makeup that was darker than her skin. Isn’t that exactly what blackface is? Whoopi Goldberg stepped in and agreed with Behar saying that she did not appear in blackface. Are they saying that dressing up as a light-skinned Black woman is less offensive than appearing as a darker-skinned Black woman? Don Trump Jr brought it up yesterday when he appeared on The View. He also mentioned Whoopi’s defense of pedophile Roman Polanski.

So, why is she now denying it after they spoke about it and even produced a picture of it right on the show? I guess being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry. I don’t know why she is complaining because she is now eligible to run for governor of Virginia. I think what really galled Behar is the fact that her audience cheered for Don Jr and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

From Breitbart News:

The left-wing blog Jezebel did not appear to know how to handle Behar’s confession, covering it in a piece titled “Hmm, Here Is Joy Behar Dressed as ‘a Beautiful African Woman’ For Halloween.”

“Joy helpfully notes, after being asked by Raven-Symoné if she was wearing tanning lotion, that she was in fact wearing makeup ‘little bit darker than [her] skin.’ Yikes mcyikes,” the post read.

The author ultimately described Behar’s costume as “blackface-lite” but said she could not be too upset over it because “it was 1971 and people didn’t even know what microaggressions were”:

If the timing is correct, that would date this photo around 1971. I can’t really get too bothered at this blackface-lite costume because it was 1971 and people didn’t even know what microaggressions were. I’m more flabbergasted by her willingness to pull this photo out and proudly show the world as if it’s totally cool in the year 2016.


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