FACT CHECK: Can the Border Be Secured Without a Wall?

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The Democrats keep insisting that we can secure our border with drones instead of a wall. Is this correct? No. Ask any Border patrol agent, and they can tell you that’s impossible. Drones cost about $32,000 apiece but the ground station used to operate the drones costs 20 million, and it costs 12,255 dollars per hour to operate. That means each drone station costs over 107 million dollars a year to operate. You need at least ten drone stations – and just how effective are the drones? They aided in less than 2% of all apprehensions. The border wall is a one-time expense.
From Breitbart News

In a fact check by Breitbart News, Schumer’s claim is incorrect, as U.S. Border Patrol officials have routinely said that a physical barrier is needed to stop soaring illegal border crossers from entering the country.

“As a veteran Border Patrol agent, I know firsthand that a secure border with the big beautiful wall the president is building is the only humane and permanent solution to the crisis at the border,” President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd told Breitbart News last month.

On average today, more than 2,000 illegal border crossers pass through the southern border every day, overwhelming and straining manpower and detention space.

“A wall for this sector is necessary and needs to happen now,” Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told Breitbart News’ Bob Price last year.

In the last two years, the Republican-controlled Congress refused to adequately fund more detention space, more Border Patrol agents, and more Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to deal with the illegal immigration crisis.

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