EXPLOSIVE: Adam Schiff Deals Low Blow To Devin Nunes… Somehow Got His Phone Records

In a real shocker, it turns out that Devin Nunes was investigated by the ethically challenged Adam Schiff, who somehow even got Nunes’ phone records.

I am assuming he was investigating the false story that Nunes met former Ukrainian top prosecutor Viktor Shokin in Vienna in 2018.

Today Nunes filed a $435 million dollar lawsuit against CNN for publishing the story as the truth.

It is highly unusual for a member of congress to investigate another member of congress. Do you know why snakes won’t bite Adam Schiff?

Professional courtesy. Adam Schiff has been proven to be a liar many times and suspected of leaking to the press even more times.

If anyone in the House should be investigated it should be him. And how did he get Nunes’ phone records?

The investigation was revealed in the Democrat’s report on the impeachment hearing. You can find a copy of that report in the fiction section of your local library.

In the report it shows that Rudy Giuliani and Devin Nunes talked on the phone several times one day but not the content of the calls.

From Breitbart News

The report cites media reports that Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani who has ben indicted on campaign finance charges, claimed that Nunes tried to meet with Ukrainians to “dig up dirt” on former Vice President Joe Biden.

(Nunes had threatened to sue those media outlets, and did so on Tuesday, suing CNN for defamation; he does not appear to have been given an opportunity to answer the allegations in the report.)

Shifts report also cites “phone records” showing apparent conversations between Giuliani and Nunes, as well as Parnas and Nunes, in April 2019, around the time that then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was criticized in the media.

The report also cites records of phone calls between Giuliani and Nunes staffer Derek Harvey, as well as between Giuliani and Patel. The phone records were apparently obtained from AT&T, according to a footnote in the report.

Schiff report Nunes phone records (House Intelligence Committee)

Nunes phone records (House Intelligence Committee)


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