There were many infiltrators to the crowd of Patriots who invaded D.C. yesterday. I will not try to make excuses for those Trump supporters who did get out of hand because they went too far. They could have made a more effective statement out in the open. Now, they are being universally condemned for their actions.

Conservatives must adhere to the same rules as Caesar’s wife. We must be above reproach, unlike antifa and BLM who have carte blanche to burn, loot and assault at will.

It will never be held against them but it will be for us.

The question is just this: how many were actually Trump supporters and how many are antifa extremists?

For instance, there was one person wearing the all-black clothing of antifa using the standard antifa baton, trying to break windows in the Capitol Building but he was stopped twice by Trump supporters.

But, you haven’t seen that on TV have you? But still, Trump supporters were responsible just because they did not obey the rule of law.

From The Gateway Pundit

Who were those people inside the Capital today?  It is likely that they weren’t all Trump supporters.  In fact, some of them may have been there to paint President Trump and his followers as violent (which they aren’t).

We reported in a prior post that a retired FBI Agent reported that Antifa was at today’s event in Washington DC.

One individual in the Capital was spotted at a BLM event this summer but he was reportedly holding a QAnon poster.  Was he QAnon related or BLM related or something else?  We don’t know.  This guy was sitting in the Speaker’s chair this afternoon per our earlier reporting.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt despite it being nearly freezing outside:

“Baked Alaska” was a Trump supporter in 2016, but then he turned on Trump.  He somehow found himself in the Speaker’s office in the Capital today with controversial activist Nick Fuentes.

There were a number of characters in the capital today.  At least one individual in the Capital had a communist tattoo on his hand – not something a Trump supporter would likely have.


Steven Ahle

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  • Sadly patriots were mixed in. They should have never been there. They should have listened. This may or may not have caused the fear, to stop the debate. People died and this is a tragedy.

  • We’ve been taking the high ground, only to be cheated out of the election by these pigs in Congress. They’re are whining loud now. Think about the people in cities all across american that they have destroyed their buisness, locked up in their homes, destroyed their family units. You let Black Lives Matter and Antifa riot and burn down cities, business, homes of innocent people and you stood by. Maybe you know how they feel now, but for you to now stand up there appalled in laughable at the very least. I have no sympathy for any of the pansy-ass congress people who take take their piddly $600 and shove it. Yesterday was a set up anyway. They were expecting millions of trumpers and they had, what? like 15 Capital Police, who took down the barriers and ushered them in, toward Congress building. Give us a break. We are not stupid uninformed voters like your bases. You might have won this battle after you failed over and over for four years to take down Trump, but the war is not over. We will not forget your pennies for the masses.

  • Take a look at the pictures. Antifa in the Senate Chambers says it all. The pictures of them on their Facebook websites telling exactly who they are Antifa are as clear as day as the pictures in the Senate Chambers. A disgrace. Trump Supporters have been peaceful. This was Antifa and the agenda of the group who finances them to stop the peaceful stand against a lawless and fraudulent Election. A disgrace the news is not stating who rioted at the Capital – Antifa. Look at the pictures on America Stands News, trusted news. God will and is taking account of all. God watch over the USA. 🇺🇲 💜 🦅✨🛡️

  • Quem quer que seja que participou da manifestação, certamente que não foram partidários do Presidente Trump, porque seria um tiro no pé, retirando qualquer pensamento positivo a favor do mandatário! Evidentemente que os comunistas tiraram partido ou foi eles mesmos que fizeram a manifestação, para tirar vantagem ante TRUMP! Parece que colou. Outro aspecto é sobre os 430.000 votos na Pennsylvania, as perícias procedidas comprovadamente por Pulitzer e demais denúncias de ROUBO. Isso fica assim mesmo. O CRIME COMPENSA NOS EUA?!

  • Trump supporters were peaceful, they should had carried a banner to remind them saying ” Love and Peace “. And prayed and sung patriotic and gospel songs awhile they waited for the results of the session in Congress.
    ANTIFA just simply instigated and provoked Trump’s supports; and were deceived through emotion.

  • Apparently, you don’t Know Antifa showed up to our Peaceful Protest and Broke into the White House NOT the Trumpster’s they had the pictures it was the same Antifa that the Democrat’s allowed to Burn down our Cities all summer long. And it looks like Nancy Knew about this Before Everyone else did she left the Room before they told them to leave.

  • Yes, ANTIFA paid by the Democrats and Soro the multibillionaire. Were dressed as Trump supporters and were carrying Trump’s flags; they were the ones that broke in the building and went in the Senate’s offices and on the House floor.
    Trump supporters are families and they certainly don’t climb walls.

  • Yes, on TV I did see two wearing all black; one holding the American flag and the other with the baton. But sad to say others were disqiuzed wearing Trump ‘s supporters apparel.

  • David, what is it that you did for money prior to Trump being in office? I’d suggest you start brushing the dust of whatever that may be. Six months from now when you’re sociopathic “Patriot” followers are back to cheering on NASCAR while making their late, minimum-due payment on their Wal-Mart card, you’ll be back to being a nobody. I know it’s hard to believe that you won’t stay relevant with ur cult leader in prison unable to generate new content for your TRULY ASTUTE journalism. This article alone will surely be nominated for a Pulitzer, ya know with all the evidence your “syndicated” columnist laid out backing your claim that this wasn’t Trump cult members wrecking havoc in DC. This truly is hard hitting reporting right here. Stevie boy, you didn’t lay out one fact in your opinion piece that you quickly threw together to take advantage of uneducated lower/middle class white racists with. David is such a sad sad man. A dollar means more to you than having pride for yourself. These racists reading your lies only like you because you’re one of the token black Trump supporters. I can only imagine what kind of dark place your life is in.

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