Just as Joe Biden snubs Israel and begs to rejoin the Iran agreement, it is revealed that I(ran has been secretly working on nuclear weapons.

One can only hope that for once Democrats would take the side of Americans, but I concede that will never happen, especially with Biden in the lead.

There’s just no money in it for Hunter.

Only a Democrat would see no problem in the world’s largest exporter of terrorism having nuclear weapons.

Inspectors took samples near Iranian facilities and they found evidence that Iran was working on nukes. Iran now says it will ban inspectors from sites and has refused to be examined.

Negotiators for Biden are making inquiries as to how many pallets of cash it will take for Iran to go along with this charade. My guess? At least three.

The U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) discovered the “new evidence of undeclared nuclear activities”  at two different sites, suggesting that Iran is working overtime to develop the weapons the agreement was alleged to have prevented.

Biden reminds me of the guy back home that had a hay baler that kept jamming up. He would reach inside to free it up and the baler would cut off one of his fingers. He would bale some more hay and the baler would jam up again. And he would lose another finger. After the fourth time, he began to think that this was a losing game. The difference is Biden has never learned that lesson. He has been consistently wrong on foreign policy for the better part of four years.

From The Daily Wire

“The IAEA listed in a report in June questions it was asking Iran to clarify on a range of work that could be used for nuclear weapons. One suspicion was Iranian drilling of a uranium metal disc that could be used to create material for a neutron initiator, experts say, a key component of a nuclear weapon,” the report said.

“A second suspicion was that nuclear material had been introduced at a site where Iran may have tested high explosives that can be used to detonate a nuclear weapon.”

“The agency is also asking Iran about another undeclared site where illicit uranium conversion and processing may have taken place,” the report added. “All the suspected activities took place in the early 2000s or earlier, according to the agency.

Two of the sites were razed years ago. Another site was sanitized by Iran in 2019, the IAEA reported. The IAEA said it has not ruled out that materials from this nuclear work have been used more recently.”


Steven Ahle

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  • What a difference a president makes.. Begs ??? I think that if he does not have the courage to face danger face to face, he better start growing them.. or else.. You do not bend over when facing the enemy.. you stand tall and fearless… what the heck, good bye, wasting my time over here.. Gone..

  • This is what is going to happen, The Dems are going to give Iran the power to make nukes Iran will make them, and then Iran will use them on their enemy’s in the form of jihadi bombers in big city’s where they can do the most damage and kill the most people, and then the Dems are going to be like O No we did not want that to happen. and then there will be a war, it may be nuclear it may not but still there will be a lot of innocent people dead because the US has insane people at the helm.

  • Well begging straight up biden’s alley , look at all the begging the dumbasses done for China biden is China’s puppet on a string and all he is to any of us Americans with any brains is a bobblehead !

  • A country such as the us, with thousands of nuclear warheads, a decades – long history of causing wars, civilian murders, and instability around the planet, doesn’t have the slightest business telling any country what they have to do concerning nukes. Not even remotely. If they want to do so, then they can get rid of their own nukes first.

  • What kind of mentally disturbed thinking is it, that allows the us to war around the planet at its own behest, owning thousands of nukes, while deeming to threaten another country for possibly developing warheads. What fantasyland allows people to think that that is completely accepted and condoned. Are you serious. When did republicans think that their constant and blatant hypocrisy, on every subject that they discuss, is utterly acceptable by every person on this planet.

      • Suck it, republitard. There are places on the planet that think the us is a terrible leader, and they certainly don’t have the Balls or the moral high ground to tell any country what they have to do, when the us itself doesn’t do it.

    • The USA has them as a deterrent to countries with radical ideologies that would not use common sense but rather would act on emotion and could cause world wide destruction of the earth. Why do you think there have been no MAJOR wars since WWII? Rose are you with the CCP?

      • Because the us fights their wars in every other country instead, and gets their people killed. That’s why. It isn’t that the us condones actual peace. It’s simply that they fight American wars in o5er countries instead. Why do you think the us has been involved in dozens of coups and overthrows and invasions in the last fifty years. Are you with the ignorant ,moron?

  • LOL…

    Two years after Trump pulls out of a deal designed to keep them from getting nukes there’s evidence of nukes? And it’s Biden’s fault? THAT is some fucked up logic. Also, there’s not actually evidence, this is saber-rattling for clicks. Read the actual quote in the article, it literally says that. Yay for propagandist disinformation.

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