Draft Andrew Cuomo! Democratic Twittersphere Lights Up With Demands to Make New York Governor the Party’s 2020 Candidate

In what might amount to an ABJ (Anybody But Joe) candidacy, more and more Democrats would like to see NY Governor Andrew Cuomo the Democratic candidate for president.

In fact, I would not be surprised if someone behind the Draft Cuomo movement is the one that revived the second sexual harassment charge against Biden.

Democrats don’t just do Republicans like dirt, they do each other, too.

Because of his high profile in fighting against the DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) crises, he is looking more like a leader than Joe Biden. But, I can’t help but wonder what the average voter thinks of Cuomo.

Instead of buying ventilators like he was advised in 2015 to buy 16,000 ventilators in case of a pandemic.

Instead he chose to not buy the ventilators and set up a priority list of who would get a ventilator and who would not. A death panel if you will. The ventilators would have cost NY state just 1/2 of 1% of one year’s budget.

From The Daily Mail

A ‘Draft Andrew Cuomo’ for president movement popped up this week as the New York governor has become President Trump‘s favorite foil amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Two Draft Cuomo Twitter accounts were launched since Monday, while praise of Cuomo has lit up the left-leaning Twittersphere every time he briefs the press.

At the same time, likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden just got his Wilmington, Delaware house wired for home broadcasting, so he’s able to spend more time in the limelight, something that kept him sidelined until Monday.  

‘I think what this moment shows the electorate, more than anything, is the importance of things we might not have considered initially, most especially – executive experience,’ Jay told DailyMail.com on Wednesday. ‘If you look at our field back when it started with 20-25 some odd candidates, there were a few governors in there and maybe in hindsight we should have given them a better look.’  

But the coronavirus outbreak put those leadership skills front and center, and prompted Jay to act.   

While the Twitter account still has under 200 followers, Jay called the initial response ‘overwhelmingly positive.’ 


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