Don't Tell Nancy and Chuck, But The EU Spent Big Bucks Building Wall in Turkey

Chuck and Nancy, after supporting border walls for years, have decided to oppose them to keep the borders open, because keeping drugs, human traffickers and gang members out is immoral and not who the Democrats are as a party. But, together they supported using US taxpayer dollars to build a border wall in Jordan.  Now, we learn that even the open-borders-friendly European Union spent big bucks to build a border wall in Turkey. Could the world’s leftists utilize their hypocrisy privilege more? Why are border walls effective wherever they are used, which is in 65 of the 195 countries in the world, but would not work in the United States?

From The Conservative Tribune

The key sticking point in the ongoing partial government shutdown is the simple fact that Democrats have refused to provide any level of funding to President Donald Trump for construction of his oft-promised border wall.

Though Trump has stood firm on his requests, he has patiently waited for Democrats to negotiate a deal with him — and even offered up several sweeteners to coax some cooperation — but the Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have remained intransigent thus far.

In opposing the proposed border wall — in reality, just strategically placed steel slat barriers in areas where barriers are necessary — leftists have decried such barriers as “immoral,” “racist” and ineffective at stopping illegal immigration.

However, those absurd excuses to avoid providing funding for border security — which includes far more than just barriers — place American Democrats even further to the ideological left than their progressive comrades in the European Union, who actually have spent millions — perhaps even billions — of EU taxpayer money on border security in Turkey.

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