Brian kemp and brad Raffensperger should look for a new line of work after events that happened this past week in Georgia. Several counties replaced their RINO committeemen and women and put MAGA leaders in their place. Both kemp and Raffensperger bought into the liberal spin that Trump’s supporters no longer stood by their candidate. Cobb County, Appling County, Douglas, Lowndes, Pierce, and Pickens Counties all went MAGA all the way.

On top of that Fannin County voted 37-2 to censure both Kemp and Raffensperger. Even worse for them is today they are heroes to the Democrats but that feeling of goodwill evaporates before the 2022 election when both are up for reelection. Maybe they need to learn how to code. But, the votes from last week reveal where the heads of Republicans are at it is open season for RINOs.

Dan Schultz was on the War Room where he explained his story and why Precinct Committeemen are important:

Essentially what we have to do is we conservatives have to take over one of the two political parties.  Our party is, the one we’ve been using is the Republican Party.  The problem is we’re not in control of it.  And the reason we’re not in control of it is we’re not in it.

You asked me before I came on, ‘What group are you promoting?’  And, the group I’m promoting is the Republican Party but you’re not in the party unless you’re one of these.  See I’ve got my PC button on – precinct committeeman.  Precinct committeemen are the party…. There’s over 400,000 of these in our party now but over 200,000 of these are vacant.

One individual heard Dan’s story and did something about it. Daniel Wiley. Dan is just a regular fellow that had no political aspirations at all.

He heard about the takeover at the precinct level and decided to do one better and go for Douglas County chair position, running on the MAGA platform against a host of RINOs. Not only did he win, he won in a landslide.

The RINOs in Douglas County all resigned because they said they refused to work with a Trump supporter, expecting voters to rise up.

They didn’t and Dan was in the position to name their replacements, all of whom are MAGA  supporters.

2022 is going to be a long year for establishment Republicans.



Steven Ahle

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  • You must have gotten this story from Gateway Pundit, because it reads the same with the same video etc!
    My husband and I are members of the Douglas County GOP and as a matter of fact, my husband sat on the board as Secretary prior to Daniel Wylie becoming the Chair of the Party and is still currently the Secretary AFTER Daniel Wylie becoming Chair. As for him ‘removing’ the past board, that is FACTUALLY incorrect!!! The chair prior to April 17, 2020 was going to step down anyways as were some of the other board members. As for them being RINOS? That is also factually incorrect. NONE of them are Rinos, they ALL supported President Donald J Trump and they ALL worked hard to get him and our 2 former Senators Re-Elected! They were and are VERY committed to the ideals that the Republican party stand for.
    If you, David J Harris Jr, would love to discuss this and how all of this took place, please feel free to reach out to my husband, Michael @ 404-416-5322.

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