President Trump has bought his hunting license and he’s loaded for RINO. Several traitorous Republicans voted for his impeachment when there is no way a court of law could find him guilty unless they count the jury’s vote the way they counted election night. You might as well put them on the endangered list as many of them have been censored by the state party, a county party or both.

One Republican is neck deep and has almost no chance for reelection in 2022. Liz Cheney has an approval rating of just 13%, which spells disaster for candidates. Jeff Flake and Justin Amash both dropped reelection campaigns after crossing Trump. I fi9gure several House members will drop their reelection bids but only one Senator is up for reelection in 2022 and that is RINO Lisa Murkowski.

The list of those who turned on Trump include:

Sen. Richard M. Burr of North Carolina

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah

Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska

Sen. Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania

Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina

Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington

Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan

Rep. John Katko of New York

Rep. David Valadao of California

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming

Trump said this about Cheney:

“In her state, her poll numbers have dropped faster than any human being I’ve ever seen.”

“Hopefully they’ll get rid of her in the next election. Get rid of them all.”

Trump warned members of congress that butting heads with him will cause them a severe headache. And believe me, a rally with 50,000 people condemning you can be fatal to reelection aspirations. It is a dangerous gamer to be playing. Two Republican RINOs who aren’t running for reelection, Richard Burr and Rob Portman have already announced they will not even try to run in states Trump won in 2016 and 2020.

Trump reassured supporters that he would be working from now until the elections in 2022 to place as many Republicans in congress as he can. Even though he allegedly lost in 2020, his long coattails were apparent in the House and in state legislatures. Candidates will trave3l to Mar-A-Lago to pay homage to Trump and to try to score an endorsement.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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