Video catches Dominion employee downloading information from election computer.

An internet sleuth who goes by the name Ron and uses the moniker Code MonkeyZ on Twitter claims he has proof of voter fraud. He had someone who filmed the guy all night long and they allegedly caught him in the act. The person in the video is identified as a Dominion Voter employee by the badge he was wearing.

According to Code MonkeyZ , the Dominion employee used a USB to download from the Election Management Server and then inserts it into a laptop and manipulates something but we don’t know what. He then palms the USB and leaves the room.

Via Ron – CodeMonkeyZ:

A Dominion representative at Gwinnett County Election Central, responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results, download data to a USB from the Election Management Server, plug it into a laptop, manipulate the data, then palm the USB.

He downloads data from the Election Management Server onto a USB, inserts it into the external laptop, manipulates ballot scans in the file explorer, ejects the usb, palms it, distracts the people nearby, then suspiciously walks out of the room.

I don’t know if what he is saying is true but I do believe there is enough evidence that it should be checked out. We have to have elections that we can trust Consider this for a moment. Biden won 200 less counties than Barack Obama did but he smashed his record for the number of votes. Does that make sense to you? He couldn’t draw flies to his rallies but 80 million people voted for him?

Unless there is a full accounting of all of the mystery votes that magically appeared at four in the morning, I won’t admit that Biden won the election. There are far too many questions and so few answers. If they put Biden in the Oval Office without a full accounting of the vote dumps, I will consider him an illegitimate president.


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  • Meanwhile are the judges going to accept this evidence???? It seems like the judicial system is also compliant in this cover-up of fraudulent voter evidence!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA????

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