DOJ: Andrew McCabe Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Mark down this date.

This is the day that the rule of law died.

Andrew McCabe testified that he lied to investigators about a leak he made, and with a confession on tape, the Deep State Department at the DOJ decided he should not face charges.

If you decide you cannot possibly win a case when you have a confession on video, you will never win a case.


J.P. Cooney and Molly Gaston, two officials in the DOJ’s Fraud & Public Corruption Section, wrote to McCabe’s lawyers, saying:

“after careful consideration, the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe.”


From Breitbart News:

Fox News reported in September 2019 that U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu recommended moving forward with charges, as lying to the FBI is a federal crime — the rationale for federal prosecution against several of President Donald Trump’s allies, such as Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. McCabe was reportedly integral in setting up a fateful meeting where Flynn spoke to agents without legal counsel.

President Trump fired McCabe from his position in March 2018, just before he was scheduled to retire with full benefits. McCabe has since filed a lawsuit calling the firing “illegal,” published a memoir, and signed on as a CNN contributor.

The decision not to prosecute comes as Trump supporters accuse the federal government of carrying out injustice, applying different standards to people who violate the political orthodoxy of the “deep state” — or “interagency,” as federal employees call the larger body of unelected federal bureaucrats (McCabe, for his part, has denied that such a culture exists). This week, U.S. Attorney General William Barr has been under fire for the DOJ decreasing its recommended sentencing for Roger Stone, a pro-Trump veteran political operative. Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, obstructing a House investigation, and tampering with a witness, and prosecutors originally sought a seven to nine-year sentence; four attorneys resigned from the case after their superiors labeled the request “excessive.”


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