Disgraced Former CIA Director Brennan Says Trump Will Be Forcibly Removed from Office

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Disgraced former spy and all-around bad guy, from whom President Trump removed his security clearance, John Brennan claims that President Trump will be removed forcibly from office from the 30 million dollar boondoggle known as the Mueller Witch Hunt. That’s hilarious when you consider that in over two years with unlimited money and manpower, neither the FBI nor Mueller has been able to gather one shred of evidence against the president. That’s because none exists. Brennan, on the other hand, is now vulnerable since do-nothing Jeff Sessions is gone. Either Whitaker or whoever Trump nominates to replace Sessions will name a special counsel to investigate the Obama administration and Brennan will be a large part of that.

From The Gateway Pundit

Former CIA Chief-turned-Twitter-troll John Brennan lashed out at President Trump Tuesday for defending himself against Mueller’s unconstitutional witch hunt.

President Trump attacked Mueller’s gang of angry Democrats and even brought up the DNC server which the FBI still has never forensically inspected.

“The now $30,000,000 Witch Hunt continues and they’ve got nothing but ruined lives. Where is the Server? Let these terrible people go back to the Clinton Foundation and “Justice” Department!” Trump said as part of a tweet storm.

Brennan said Mueller’s name will be revered in history while Trump’s name will be scorned.

Was the former CIA Chief foreshadowing when he compared Trump’s behavior to authoritarian leaders abroad before they were “deposed”?


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