It seems that Dominion executive Eric Coomer could be involved deeply in what happened to the votes in the swing states.

It seems that Coomer owns the patents for adjudicating ballots which are kicked out by the machine. The government standard on bad ballots is 1 in 250,000. Some machines kicked out 68.05% of all ballots. The votes can be changed during the adjudicating process.

These high number of ballots kicked out by the machines only happened in swing states but could have been done in other parts of the country.

What really makes this relevant to this discussion is this quote from Coomer:

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”

To be fair, we are not certain that Coomer did anything illegal but that’s why need to examine the machines and hardware. That is the only way we will know for sure. Innocent until proven guilty no matter what you think of the person.

We do know however that votes were switch in Antrim County Michigan and in Ware County Georgia and in both cases votes for Trump were given to Biden. The only question is who is responsible.

In 2016 Coomer told the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software:

Here is Coomer’s retweet of the antifa manifesto to President Trump:

See the complete manifesto here.

Here is more from the 2016 article at the Post and Email:

Dr. Coomer’s statement brings to light a very serious issue all voters should understand. Voting systems must be re-certified each time they make changes to the hardware or software. Recertification is an expensive and time consuming process. 

What Dr. Coomer told the Board is that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software when threats to their code are discovered. Rather, they rely on post-election audits and providing advice to election jurisdictions about security. I have reviewed all of the recertification documents produced by Dominion, and I do not recall any software adjustments for security purposes.

This is the reality of the security of your vote. Software systems that count and record the vote across Illinois and throughout the USA are not updated to address security problems, and even if they were, the software can be completely bypassed by going to the data tables that drive the systems.


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