The Democrats are shaking in their boots because Republicans have been picking up a much larger share of the Hispanic votes than ever before. But it has revealed just how fascist they are.

In Florida, a radio station was taken over by a Spanish-speaking conservative radio group, so the Democrats are once again looking to politicize a government department for their gain of power. They are truly unbelievable.

Multiple members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), including Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), the chair of its political arm, wants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block the sale of a Miami Spanish radio station that previously leaned sharply to the left to a company who will make the station more conservative.

But if the lefty station could not make it, should the government force them to remain until they are bankrupt like Air America?

America CV, a Spanish-language media company, announced they were buying out a liberal radio station and they fired the far left radio personality and replacing him with someone more neutral.

Marcell Felipe, the cofounder of the company, said that people assume they are conservative because they never liked Castro. But, he is wrong because Democrats loved Castro. That is why so many Cubans left the Democratic party. And now, they are seeing the same things they hated about Castro.

Gallego lamented:

“For a lot of these communities this is the only source they watch, a lot of them aren’t crossing over and watching other media like CNN, so they end up being siloed in terms of the information they get. They only go to the trusted source so when that source gets corrupted, you essentially have a population getting one point of view.”

But the two largest sources of Spanish news are Telemundo and Univision. One radio station in Miami is no threat to them. The Democrats, like all fascists, want a monopoly on the news so they can control them. Conflicting reports would cause them to stop and think. That would spell disaster for them. And worse, they want the government to be weaponized to make this happen.

From The Daily Wire

But Jorge Bonilla, director of MRC Latino, a watchdog group that focuses on Hispanic media, said the use of government powers to silence dissenting voices would likely backfire.

“What better way to reassure Hispanics in South Florida that Democrats are totally not like the regimes they fled than to summon the full power of the federal government against a privately-held opposition media outlet? Hugo Chávez would be proud,” he told The Daily Wire.


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  • Wow, Democrat Party aka Fascist Party of America…. way to tip your hand!
    Guess there are no more reasons for secrecy

  • Love this idea! I think it would be great to have more conservative shows in Spanish.

    I’m sure all the “right” news could afford to add a Spanish speaking person to their shows.

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