Top Democrats are warning those in their party that Biden’s immigration plan will kill Democrats in the 2022 midterm election. Americans who not only will lose their jobs to illegal aliens but will have to foot the bill for their free healthcare will not look favorably on the Democrats in 2022 as they see more and more the cost of having unabated illegal immigration into this country. They are running scared.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) warned “the Biden administration against easing up too much on illegal aliens. He noted they will have a huge impact on his constituents, hospitals, and the spread of OVID-19. Cuellar says he can see the radical policies of the far left will have a huge impact on voters, causing voters to have a huge impact on election day 2022 and 2024. He says it could blow up in Biden’s face.

Cuellar told Axios:

“You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border.”

“The bad guys know how to market this.” 

Axios reports:

“Cuellar hopes the administration continues using a Trump-era public health order to quickly expel migrant adults and families, at least during the pandemic. He said smugglers will likely use the shift in immigration tactics from the Trump to the Biden administration to convince migrants to come to the U.S.”

CNN host Poppy Harlow asked Cuellar:

“You’re quoted in Politico as saying this and it really struck me and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show today. You said, ‘The way that we’re doing it right now is catastrophic, and it’s a recipe for disaster.”

“Our party should be concerned, if we go off the rails, it’s going to be bad for us.’ You went on to say, ‘Biden is going to be dealing with a minority in Congress, if he continues down some of these paths. Which paths do you think are the wrong paths that you see the Biden ministration going down now on immigration?”

Cuellar responded:

“Well, my concern at this in the recent weeks in my district, migrants who made it across the border, who even pass the line of MPPs [Migrant Protection Protocols], who were 5,000 folks that have been waiting for two years across the border, made it across the Rio Grande Valley were processed and released. If that is the message that we send to Central America and around the world, I can assure you, it won’t be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border.”

And it’ll be catastrophic for our party, for our country, for my region, for my district, in the middle of a pandemic, in an area where we’ve lost over 3,000 people in my small congressional district. So, I think we need to have a better plan in place. I think asylum seekers should be able to ask for asylum and be processed in their home country or a neighboring country. And we shouldn’t have a policy in place that impulses people to make this 2,000 mile trek where cartels and human traffickers are enriching themselves.”




Steven Ahle

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  • you corrupt dems are so clueless…YOU KNEW MR. biden would be bringing in illegal aliens yet you voted for him…dems don’t care about the people

  • There is no such thing as a small, or medium or large congressional district, they are all the same size. The question is how many of the people in that district are legally allowed to vote? Even in Texas there is plenty of voter fraud in Dem run areas to keep them in power

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