Democrats want to spend as much money to China as they possibly can, and who can blame them? They are playing to their base. And it’s bipartisan with Mitch McConnell and the vast amounts of money he gets from the commies that keep him happy.

But then again Hunter Biden is still king. They just don’t have time to waste on the great unwashed living in the United States.  They no longer need their votes because they manufacture their own.

Rep Andy Barr proposed what should be a common-sense amendment to the 1.9 trillion dollar pork barrel filled with liberal wish list items. His amendment would have prohibited any of the $1,9 trillion dollars from going to China.

Now, why do you suppose the Democrats killed the amendment?  The bill was co-sponsored by Republican Reps. Scott Perry (PA); Ann Wagner (MO); Jeff Duncan (SC); Michael Guest (MS); Jim Baird (IN); Brian Mast (FL); David Joyce (OH); Ashley Hinson (IA); and Bill Johnson (OH).

Barr said of his bill:

“The coronavirus, as you know, started in China. It was made worse by the Chinese Communist Party suppressing information about the spread of the virus and in no way should the CCP be able to further benefit from weaponizing the global supply chain and receiving the U.S. taxpayer funds.”

“My amendment ensures that none of the funding in this bill, and particularly none of the $10 billion dollars in the international affairs funding, goes to entities owned by the Chinese government or the CCP.”

“There is no reason why my colleagues should oppose them. American tax dollars should benefit the American people during a pandemic, not undermine the national security interests of the United States.” 

From Breitbart News

Any relief bill should be targeted to strengthen American businesses and the American economy, not be used as a vehicle to funnel taxpayer dollars to the CCP. Democrats are continuing their soft on China policies by voting against this common sense amendment. I will continue working on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to reject soft on China policies and better position the United States to confront the emerging military, economic and technological threat posed by the CCP.



Steven Ahle

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  • This is why Americans need to pull together on both sides of the aisle and fight this China invasion into our politics. I, among many so called “not worth helping” businesses lost. Lost my business of 16years and am losing my home of 30 years. We lost big, our communities lost big. Texas lost big. Many do not know but Americorps made their way to Texas to help with previous Hurricane damage. Damage that have people using buckets outside for their commodes, still after years. Now they are having to focus on relief from busted pipes and mold growth. Ok, so the Hurricane relief has been put on hold once again. We have people in our Appalachian mountains that live in squalor. People in CA living homeless or among the homeless. But no worries, our focus is on helping China rule comes to America. We are letting in as many illegals as want to come, yet we can’t feed our own. We say we want to halt Covid, yet we are not checking them, but asking Americans to double up their masks and keep business closed or half closed. When do we start seeing what is right before our faces and stop wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to this way of thinking. I don’t know about you, but I would like all eyes on Texas instead of the very people who caused such demise here in America. There is an age old saying, if you can’t help yourself, how can you possibly help others. I for one know that I can’t spend money at hairdressers, nail salons or take a cruise at a time that I have no money coming in. My pockets are empty thanks to 0 help for my business, no unemployment, no stimulus for small non important businesses like mine. Instead I sell my personal belongings, my home, close my business and try to salvage what I can and not file bankruptcy. Take a hint government. Nothing should be in that stimulus but helping America and bringing it back to it’s full glory

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