Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, a Monroe County, New York, legislator, is under fire for reportedly sexting a 19-year-old woman. He allegedly sent a picture of his genitals to a nineteen-year-old woman.

The 19-year-old, LaKaya Sinclair, sent a letter to the Monroe County board of legislators demanding that he resign his office.

To make matters worse for Flagler-Mitchell is the fact that on the same day he was named as president of a New York chapter of the NAACP.

Flagler-Mitchell claims he thought he was sending the picture to his wife. I guess she has never seen them before. At least he didn’t claim he was hacked.

He does have an advantage inasmuch as he is a Democrat, therefore the #MeToo movement does not apply to him. He has socialist privilege.

A portion of Sinclair’s letter reads:

“I am writing this letter to share with you that your colleague County Legislature for Legislative district 29, Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, has explicitly sexually harassed me and has sent me an unsolicited photo of his genital [sic].”

Sinclair says she met Flagler-Mitchell in 2020 after a shooting had taken place.

She continued:

“A few days later, there was a community gathering and he introduced himself to me as the official county legislature [sic] for my district. He gave his county legislature business card and told me if I ever needed anything to give him a call.  I reached out for help, not to be sexually harassed.”

“I am writing this so that you are all aware of the type of person he is. I am going public and will be asking for his resignation. No one should be in a position where they turned to their elected official for help and are met with unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate messages. I am only 19 years old.”

“I believe there are other women who are victims of him and I will be pleading with the community to not only support me, but to come forth if this has been their experience with this particular legislature [sic]. I am asking for his resignation so that he does not continue to use his seat and abuse his power and am asking this body to formerly [sic] investigate this matter. The fact that he did this to me so swiftly lets me know that he has done this before and as I stated, it is my hope that other women in this community find their voice and come forward to share their stories.”



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