Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) slammed the Biden administration for how it is handling the unfolding border crisis. He claims that Biden is withholding the number of illegals entering the country for the sole reason of politics. Voters will not like our borders being overrun by illegals and the 2022 midterm elections could be a bloodbath for Democrats. Republicans are likely to flip the House and the Senate if the Democrats are unable to fabricate enough votes to win.

Cuellar was asked about the number of illegals entering the country via Biden’s open border policy. He told the interviewer that he could not answer that question because Biden is not allowing the numbers to be released eve3n to congress.

Cuellar said:

“Yeah, look, we can play with words. Is that a challenge? Or is it a crisis? Let’s look at the numbers, since August of last year, the numbers have been increasing. In especially October, November, and December, we were hitting 70,000.”

“In January, we had 78,000. This is again, under the Trump administration, now moving into the Biden administration. Biden might have started under Trump, but when you’re the president, you own the situation, whether it’s a success or not a success.”

“I think in February we’re going to get about 100,000. And again, I don’t care what we call it, but I can tell you this, those numbers of people that are being released, they’re purposely withholding that information. They’ve been told not to withhold that information. I now know that they’re bringing people from McAllen over to Laredo, processing them in Laredo, and they’re going to release them in my community.”

“I represent the both areas, the valley and of course, part of the valley in Laredo, and I’ve seen this before. Don’t let the local community know what you’re doing, where they’re striving to bring people in from the valley, process them and Laredo, release them at a bus station. And again, I’ve seen this this before in the past.”


FOX NEWS HOST: A Democratic Texas Congressman and member of the Blue Dog coalition, Henry Cuellar. He represents a southwest border district that is seeing a surge in migrants. Thank you so much, Congressman, for being here. I want to begin with getting your reaction to something Tom Homan said in that interview, he just said that the Biden administration is facilitating illegal entry, not detaining people and not testing for COVID. Your reaction?

HENRY CUELLAR: … [these] are things that I’ve been talking about for a while. Is Border Patrol checking the the folks coming in? No. It’s all dependent on the local communities to do that, and we need to test them because otherwise, if we don’t, look what happened in 2019. This is where Greyhound dropped people off all over the place. This is under the Trump administration, when we had that particular crisis. Now, what makes it different is people are gonna be dropped all over the United States, with not being tested as they get on those Greyhound buses or airplanes.”


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