The former head of the DOJ and accomplished liar Rod Rosenstein who epitomizes the swamp, has finally admitted that he committed perjury in his Senate testimony when he alleged that he did not offer to wear a wire to spy on President Trump.

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono asked Rosenstein about whether he had offered to0 wear the wire and also whether he floated the idea of implementing the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

Rosenstein told her that he never suggested using the 25th Amendment despite several sources that swear he did. But he has in the past denied categorically that he never suggested that he wear a wire.

I guess it is a rule among Democrats to confess to only one lie at a time.

Rosenstein is the one who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate Trump even though he knew the whole thing was a hoax.

Rosenstein also signed documents extending Mueller’s reach at least one time after Mueller went beyond his mandate.

But at the same time that he was boosting the investigation into Trump he ignored the fact that Hillary Clinton was the source for the largest data breach ever by a cabinet officer by using an illegal server to hide her pay-for-play scheme and other possible crimes.

Rosenstein is now admitting he talked with Andrew McCabe about recording President Trump.
The Washington Examiner reported:

In his first TV interview since leaving the Trump administration in May 2019, Rosenstein told FOX 5 that there was talk of recording the 45th president for the inquiry but denied that he ever intended to wear a “wire” during the turbulent days that followed Trump firing FBI Director James Comey in 2017 before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

“I had a conversation with Andrew McCabe about an investigation that he was conducting involving the president. And there was a discussion about whether or not the president would be recorded in the course of that investigation. I never intended to wear a wire, and I think that if Mr. McCabe asked me to wear a wire, we would’ve had to reconsider the whole thing. Because you can’t run an investigation and serve as a witness,” Rosenstein said in an episode of the Siege on Democracy podcast published last month.

McCabe, Comey’s deputy who became acting FBI director for a couple months after the firing, made headlines in February 2019, when he corroborated reporting that claimed Rosenstein offered to wear a recording device while talking to other officials to tape Trump secretly.


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