Decade-Old Biden Footage Compared with Recent Clips Shows the Unmistakable Difference

People ask me if Joe Biden has always had Dementia, and I tell them that Joe Biden used to be well-spoken and even had somewhat of a personality.

His ideas always sucked, but he was much better at explaining so you could understand why they suck. He was even a bit entertaining.

In this article, you will see two videos of Joe Biden. One from ten years ago and one from this presidential race. This would make the perfect campaign ad because people would understand just how badly he has slipped over the years. But if President Trump did run this as an ad, the Democrats would try to impeach him for elder abuse. These are not simple mistakes. Joe has lost it.

As you can see from the first video and its sets of clips, Biden was once a well-spoken and articulate man, and that helped to a long career in politics, where he served in some of the top offices in the land. Some of you young whippersnappers won’t even recognize the Joe Biden of old.


From the Western Journal:

Compared with footage taken during his current campaign for the Oval Office, it’s hard to believe Joe Biden is the man now being filmed.

Now, 13 years later and in his late 70s, Biden struggles at times with remembering the names of people interviewing him and even what states he’s in.

The sheer number of gaffes is remarkable, and a compilation of the missteps is the only way to truly grasp the scale and diversity of the candidate’s mistakes.

For Biden, it appears the constant grind leading up to Election Day is affecting the aging politician.

It’s unclear whether the worst of his gaffes, like a claim that he was arrested in a rebellion against apartheid in South Africa, are simply lies or something Biden believed actually happened.

With the Democratic 2020 candidates now whittled down to a few outlandish people, it appears leftist voters have the unenviable choice of deciding between avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and the increasingly incoherent Joe Biden.




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