De Blasio Announces Proposal to Cut $1 Billion from NYC Police Department

Murders have climbed by an amazing 51% year over year in NYC. Looters and vandals wreaked havoc on businesses and de Blasio’s lockdown destroyed many businesses.  So, what does he do for an encore? Well, he cuts the police budget by 16% and makes the city less safe.

The police budget in New York is six billion dollars and de Blasio has committed to cutting that by one billion dollars. In a city that already does not have enough officers, this will devastate the force and crush morale. The PBA is criticizing the move.

de Blasio said:

“I am excited to say that we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution, and at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe, and we make sure that our officers are on patrol where we need them around this city.”


Life has always been rough on policemen and women and with these cutbacks, it will be impossible for many of them to continue. Even before the cuts were announced the number of retirements within the police force is about 50% more than the year before.

From The Hill

Calls to defund the police and put government funding toward other social services have gained traction in the weeks since the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Mayors in San Francisco and Los Angeles have pledged to cut police budgets, while city councils in places such as Washington, D.C., have passed a slate of reform measures to enhance law enforcement oversight. 

In early June, de Blasio committed to cutting funding for the police and investing the money in youth and social services. He did not pledge a specific figure until this weekend. 

Activists, City Council members and former de Blasio staffers had been calling on the mayor to reduce the NYPD’s budget by $1 billion. The department has an annual budget of about $6 billion.


  1. OK Bill,start by cutting for security detail for you and your family. Then cut security for all politicians and staff. Lets see if you can put your money where your mouth is.


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