Believe it or not, the D.C. police force actually did a great job in handling the domestic terrorists as they tried to attack a conservative group protesting against Big Tech. they were able to hold their line and prevent antifa terrorists from attacking the conservative group.

A similar rally in Portland last week turned into chaos as the city is run by antifa sympathizers. Last week antifa attempted mass murder when they barricaded the doors to the ICE facility before setting it on fire. Joe Biden sits on his hands, refusing to go after his base.

The Washington Post reported:

Black-clad anti-fascists briefly marched along city streets, and police repelled attempts by Antifa members to erect a barricade with newspaper boxes and chairs. Police had earlier broken up a clash between that group and the Proud Boys, a self-proclaimed Western-chauvinist fraternal organization that believes in ending welfare and closing the borders.

A few antifa punks were able to get around the police lines and they surrounded a man wearing an MAGA hat but police moved in swiftly and pulled the man to safety. Speakers at the event included Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, journalist Laura Loomer, reporter Nick Monroe, and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Deutsche Welle Journalist Benjamin Alvarez tweeted:

After the rally’s conclusion, Antifa found out the bar several Proud Boy members were at and rushed over. Police, however, were quick to stop any confrontations there. The Daily Caller News Foundation film crew captured some of the footage outside.

Though the groups yelled at each other across the divide, “the police cordon had done its work,” WaPo reported. “No one on the other side could hear a word of what he was saying.”

Deutsche Welle Journalist Benjamin Alvarez captured police holding the line and even pushing back Antifa protesters trying to get through.

During the time that President Trump was in office, the police spent a lot of time standing down but now with Biden in charge, they are actually allowed to do their job. That strikes me as curious. Why now and not then?



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