Data analytics research firm Data Orbital is now predicting that President Trump will win Arizona based on 500,000 outstanding votes in counties that President Trump carried. based on that, they are predicting a Trump win in the state. It is unknown if that will affect any of the Senate and House elections.

This is huge. Currently, Trump would need to win Georgia and North Carolina, which he should do as well as Pennsylvania. That would still have Trump needing either Wisconsin or Michigan, both of which had massive influx of Biden votes after election night. But, if he wins Arizona, he doesn’t need Wisconsin or Michigan.

The counties with outstanding votes left include:

Gila: ~2300

Graham: ~1100

Greenlee 652

La Paz: 880

Maricopa: At least 250k

Pima: ~92k

Pinal: ~62k

Santa Cruz: ~3k

Yavapai: ~10k

Yuma: ~19k

Data Orbital also stated the analysis shows that Trump has the advantage in the remaining votes. Nate Silver, a Democratic pollster agreed:

“Here’s what’s left to count in AZ. At first glance this would seem quite bad for Trump since it’s largely mail ballots *but* mail ballots that arrived late in the process are considerably more R by party registration than the ones that arrived earlier.”

Trump has already cut the gap by quite a bit and is now only behind by a little over three points. The early call was made by Fox News, whose analyst laughed at the possibility that the race was in doubt. I wonder if he is laughing now.

ABC News reported as well Arizona is yet undecided, as of Wednesday afternoon:

President Donald Trump is projected to take the battleground state of Florida, but Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia still hang in the balance as a possibility for former Vice President Joe Biden as of Wednesday afternoon.

Arizona: Arizona’s race has not yet been projected.
Why not? Arizona still has votes being counted, which officials expect to finish counting Wednesday.

We all knew that the Democrats would play fast and loose with mail in ballots. That should come as no surprise. But doing it as brazenly as they have is a bit of a shocker. In Michigan and Philadelphia, GOP poll watchers have been barred from making sure no cheating is going on.


Steven Ahle

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  • I’ll believe it when I see it. All media is corrupt and has an agenda that doesn’t benefit the American people.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, Trump has greatly cut the deficit since election night with hundreds of thousands of votes left to count. The AP has withdrawn it’s call for Biden.

  • I’ve not seen this issue mentioned anywhere. As reported in the White Mountain Independent, untold numbers of mailed ballots from Navajo County (a conservative red county) had been nullified in AZ. Were all those people who’d mailed in the nulled ballots contacted and ensured their votes were counted? The GOP failed to answer when questioned, so we don’t know if they are even doing anything about this. These votes could easily be critical to an accurate AZ count!…s_to_editor/dont-throw-away-second-ballot/article_51b0c854-3cce-51e6-9d5a-21024683bb52.html

  • Holding positive thoughts for both Trump and McSally wins. The Second Amendment is a big issue for me and both Biden and Mark Kelly are gun grabbers.

  • Fox News needs to fire this Arnon Miskie, their “brain room” lackey. He called Arizona for Biden with hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted. Who is this hack?

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