DA Tells BLM Rioters…”This is not Seattle” Charges Protesters with Terrorism, Rioting and Assault [VIDEO]

BLM got too bold. For the longest time, they played it smart and they only rioted in cities with Democratic mayors, but then they decided to riot in Oklahoma City and attack the police station there. In Democratic cities, more often than not, the charges are dropped no matter what they did.

If I were them, I would be very very worried. This does not sound like a DA that throws out cases or that hands out suspended sentences. He even telegraphed the fact that he intends to throw the book at them if and when they are convicted.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater told the rioters:

“This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

They aren’t Seattle policemen either. They did not mess around and they definitely did not stand down. It took them just a matter of a few minutes to clear the BLM protesters out and they weren’t coming back. It must have been a real shock to their system to see the police fight back.

The Oklahoman reported:

Protesters blamed for the violence that broke out in Oklahoma City the last weekend in May were charged Friday with terrorism, rioting and assault.

If convicted of the felony offenses, they could be sentenced to years in prison.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater made the decisions himself on the charges in a get-tough approach meant to deter others from going too far during protests in the future.

“This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

Also charged Friday were five defendants identified as involved in the painting of murals in downtown Oklahoma City this week. They are accused in incitement to riot charge of interfering with a police sergeant who was trying to take a homicide witness for an interview at police headquarters Tuesday.


  1. Thank you David for getting as much real news as you do. I am sick of being condemned because I love this country and I love Trump and the way he keeps his word. I am mixed race and have had all evil and good sent my way. I thought we had actually become more united as one people until Obama changed all that. I am 70 years old and a writer and photographer.

    • I am so glad to hear Trump standing up for America and finally things are getting done with the riots and out of control protestings God Bless America.
      Go Trump 💪

  2. ‘Bout dam time they let Police “POLICE” Your right to protest doesn’t give you the right to hold me hostage in my town or my neighborhood. Sick of seeing all these ill mannered, ignorant, joyless young people creating chaos everywhere they go to supposedly protest! They don’t even really know what they’re protesting Because to understand your history would require that you have some knowledge not just a bunch of fear mongering parrots chammering what they’ve been told to say

  3. I would subscribe but I’m afraid your website is no different to thousands of other news websites in that there are numerous of the same adverts that are not just duplicated but more than quaduplicated on bottom of the same page….this is a global disease of all commercial news websites that has become both irksome and tiresome….along with the ubiquitous cookie-click, these things put me off any website that needs to do this…..for those reasons , I’m out.

  4. Video clearly shows things being thrown at police and a lot of them!!!
    Police do NOT have to take this kind of violence, disorderly conduct, and public destruction!
    Make them pay for their criminal behavior and let them remember to not return to OKC!!

  5. That was refreshing to see. Being in L.A. County, it was so depressing to see how these angry children destroyed areas of Santa Monica and Long Beach. Even in the valley where I live, they have spray painted and march through the streets every weekend causing businesses to shutter for the day. We have PAID BLM protesters in my little town who come out every week. They display every form of nastiness with their mouths, fingers, bodies, and signs. Nothing is ever done to any of them here in CA so it was gratifying to see this clip.

  6. If they controlled the rioting at the start, we would not have things out of control now. We need leaders to stand up and call for a end to the rioting and violence. Bring the minority leaders together and discuss the needs of the community. But at the same time bring in the National Guard and let them know that if the violence continues there will be lives lost. Just think of the money that is needed to rebuild that could be used for education, training, and jobs…. We need to come together as Americans.

  7. That was a beautiful display of restoring order. It just about brought a tear to my eye. I wish these events stayed peaceful, I really do. However the people that attend these things for the most part dont give shit about black lives. There only concern is about themselves ans what they can gain. That fact that whites out number blacks 20-1 at these things should tell you all you really need to know.


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