Kshama Sawant is a radical leftist and socialist who serves on the Seattle city council. She recently went to court in an effort to throw out an attempt to recall her. The Washington Supreme Court threw out her attempt to dismiss the recall. The court ruled that there was a legitimate reason to recall her after she led rioters into the Seattle City Hall by letting them into the building using her key.

A second charge that she led rioters to the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home, which in itself is a crime. The court did toss out one charge that Sawant threatened Durkan with bodily harm. They also ruled that she did not incite the rioters to damage Durkan’s home. In Seattle, it’s illegal to dox a politician’s home. But the court ruled that factually and legally sufficient for recall.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Effort to remove socialist councilmember accused of misconduct during Seattle riots can proceed, court rules

The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the effort to remove a Seattle councilwoman, who was accused of allowing protesters into city hall during riots in the city, can proceed.

City official Kshama Sawant, a socialist, faced a recall after she purportedly “admitted hundreds of people into Seattle City Hall,” “led a protest march to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s private residence,” and “failed to comply with public disclosure requirements,” the court wrote.

Charges were “factually and legally sufficient for recall,” and the effort was allowed to continue, justices concluded.

The court did away with a charge that Sawant threatened or caused bodily harm to Durkan.

“While it is true that protestors defaced and damaged Mayor Durkan’s home, there is no support offered showing that Councilmember Sawant herself threatened to cause bodily injury or physical harm to property; or that she exhorted others to engage in such conduct,” the justices wrote.

Sawant now claims that the recall effort is the result of a right-wing conspiracy against her. I don’t think there are enough conservatives in Seattle to make a recall a reality. And considering the fact that she on two occasions broke the law, her reasoning is hard to follow.


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