“Compassionate” Colorado Frees Illegal Alien, Less Than Month Later He’s Arrested For Attempted Murder

Authorities in Arapaho County in Colorado freed an illegal alien who was in prison on drug charges and less than a month later he was rearrested for attempted murder.

Just this year Colorado governor Jared Polis signed a bill prohibiting any jurisdiction in the state from cooperating with ICE.

ICE had a detainer on Osmani Garces-Ortiz, a 37-year-old illegal alien from Cuba, but Arapaho County ignored it and released him and he tried to kill a man.

This is exactly the point Republicans and ICE are making that Democrats who impose sanctuary status in their cities, counties and state are putting their citizens at risk by releasing dangerous criminals back on the streets.

Had he been turned over to ICE after his release from prison this crime would never have happened.

Garces-Ortiz is being held on a $202,000 bond and ICE has once again placed a detainer on him, but it’s to no avail since state law forbids them from complying with the detainer should they decide to do so.

How much crime is committed by illegal aliens once they are released?

Studies show that criminal illegals will go on to commit more crimes up to 80% of the time.

From Breitbart News

ICE officials told the Sentinel that “it was absolutely predictable” that the sanctuary state law would mean more American victims at the hands of illegal aliens.

“Because of this law, our ICE office was not notified when a criminal alien was released on bail, and this alien is now charged with attempted murder,” ICE official John Fabbricatore said. “How many more terrible crimes will be committed, because lawmakers put political agendas before public safety?”

As Breitbart News reported, an illegal alien who was shielded from deportation by a “sanctuary church” in Colorado is now accused of killing Sean Buchanan, a father of five children. The illegal alien had a criminal record dating back to 2011 but was never deported from the U.S.


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