James Comey says he has not read the reports released on the new documents yet. However, he will testify on them next week. The reports say that Steele’s primary source was investigated for being a Russian spy. Igor Danchenko was investigated by the FBI under Robert Mueller. But, now Comey is claiming ignorance of the facts.

I find it hard to believe that a high ranking official of the FBI would not be aware of a possible Russian spy. It’s even harder to believe that Mueller didn’t know. Yet they both used materials from him without question. I don’t trust anything that defies logic. Neither should you.

Do you really believe Comey? What about Mueller? He was the director of the FBI when Danchenko was under investigation. His first thought should have been disinformation. But, instead he took it as gospel. That’s because he wanted to believe. Or at least wanted the sheep to believe.

Danchenko was investigated for two years. There had to be something there. We do know Danchenko met with two members of Russian intelligence. And even Danchenko did not swear to what Steele put in his phony dossier. He claimed in his testimony that Steele embellished the facts. He also said claims attributed to him, he knows nothing about.

The FBI was working on a FISA warrant for Danchenko but dropped it when he left the country. Mueller and Comey had to know about the upcoming FISA warrant in my opinion. I would find it hard to believe that the director of the FBI and a high official did not know.

Lindsey Graham was beside himself. He could not believe that the FBI used the word of a suspected enemy spy, in order to get one on Carter Page. He will have James Comey before his committee as early as next week. Mueller may also appear. I hope it is in an open session. I want to see for myself how they handle this.

We already know that analysts in the intelligence community reported that Putin preferred Hillary over Trump. But Brennan edited out those reports before turning it in. They couldn’t continue to investigate Trump if the truth came out. Therefore, the truth had to be covered up. They had counted on the fact that they would catch Trump with some wrongdoing but they failed.

From The Daily Caller

The FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team learned the identity of Steele’s source in December 2016 and also found bureau case files showing the earlier investigation of Danchenko. Graham said that the FBI did not inform the FISA Court of the information about Danchenko.

Graham has said he wants to find out Comey and other top officials when they learned about Danchenko and the dossier, and why the information was not disclosed in FISA applications against Page.

Comey downplayed Republican theories about the dossier, saying that the Crossfire Hurricane probe “was begun based on information having nothing to do with Steele dossier.”

“Setting aside the merits of the Steele dossier, which are important to debate, this was begun based on credible information unconnected to that material, and we should have been fired if we didn’t investigate,” Comey said.

What credible information? The only thing they had was the dossier and they knew it was dodgy. Someone should ask him what information he has that Mueller and DOJ IG Michael Horowitz didn’t. Neither of them found as much as a smell of collusion. So, he claims he didn’t know about a Russian spy but knew information he wasn’t privy to.


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