Reps Chip Roy and Andy Biggs have called for Liz Cheney to resign from Republican leadership after her comment that President Trump should not be allowed to speak at CPAC.

For some odd reason, Cheney who commands a 13% approval rating from Wyoming voters claims that President Trump who has a 91% approval rating from Republican voters who cast their vote for Trump in 2020 should be disregarded by the party.

Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump has become as popular with Republican voters as swimming trunks made out of lead.

Even though she is shunned by Republican voters both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell say she deserves to be a leader in their party.

Personally, I think she has a great future in over-the-road trucking or possibly hosting infomercials at 3:00 AM in the morning because her political career is over with the next election.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said Thursday:

“I consider Liz a friend, and I stood on the floor with the conference defending her right to defend herself and taking what she described was a vote of conscience. I believe that’s important, and so I did so. Yesterday, Liz forfeited a right to be chair of the Republican conference.”

“You cannot stand up and make a statement that is so completely out of step with the Republican conference and where the American people who support President Trump are. I think it is unfortunate that she made those remarks. I think it was short-sighted, but I also think it was purposeful and I think that’s the problem.”

Rep Biggs added:

“That was one of the most outrageous statements, but it’s consistent with at least four other statements she’s made in the last few weeks. As you know, some of us in this group led a charge to remove Ms. Cheney as the chairwoman leader of the Republican conference. I do not believe she is able to carry that out any further.”

“I also think she’s absolutely devoid of any kind of political reading of what’s going on in the Republican Party in this country right now. My guess is there’s probably no room in the party for somebody who takes the positions that Ms. Cheney does and that makes the accusations that she does. She should step down — if she had any sense of shame, she would step down.”

I take it back. Cheney has a bright future on The View where her anti-Trump diatribes would be most welcome.


Steven Ahle

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  • Well, the anti-Trumpers are making it easier – they are committing political suicide at an accelerating rate! Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Mittens romney top the list. But then there are the bright (actually burned out) bulbs, former Republican House Speakers, John “Marijuana” Boehner and Paul “Back Bench Wonk” Ryan who shine a dull light on their dull post government careers!

    Let us hope they motivate the rest of the anti-Trumpers and Never-Trumpers to jump on their self immolation train (as have the members of the infamous Lincoln Group!

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