Candace Owens: "Ocasio-Cortez Isn't a Little Girl…She's an Adult Woman ‘Talking About Dangerous Ideas’

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA says that Alexandria Ocasio-C0rtez isn’t a little girl. She says she is an adult woman with very dangerous ideas. Owens appeared with Jeanine Pirro and said that AOC may act like a little girl but she’s a full grown woman that knows nothing.
Owens said:
“We actually have to stop mocking her and start to really understand what’s happening here. She is constantly presenting herself, even in that interview, as a little girl. She comes across like she is 16 years old. She is not. Because she is called the youngest woman in Congress allows her to play the victim.”
 “She is a 30-year-old adult woman who is talking about dangerous ideas. She is talking about ideas once pushed by Stalin and Lenin… She is not being bullied because she is the youngest person in Congress. People are actually holding her to task because she knows absolutely nothing and she’s made to it Capitol Hill.”
Ocasio-Cortez says that the GOP loves to attack her intelligence – and that is utter nonsense and a complete lie. We love to attack her lack of intelligence. She has made ludicrous claims like the Pentagon losing 21 trillion dollars when all military spending from 1789 to 2018 only totaled 18 trillion dollars, and we’ve fought a few wars during that time, not to mention supporting a standing army every single year. The truth is that she is nothing more than a gaffe waiting to happen. And I think it’s going to happen quickly. Wake Up America!
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