Gov Gavin Newsom claims he will be signing an Executive Order that will ban gas-powered cars. The ban goes into effect starting in 2035. But is his idea practical or will it work? And just how would it work? Will older cars are grandfathered in or will they be outlawed. How about someone visiting from out of state?

People are already having a tough time affording housing. So how would they cope with having to pay much more for transportation? What about the danger in disposing of lithium batteries used in electric cars?

Once in a landfill, they put out mercury, lead and cadmium. They pollute the soil and enter the ground water and contaminates that too. They can be incinerated but that causes air pollution. The cure can be worse than the disease.

But, then again it’s not really about conservation, it’s about power. Erode freedom and it becomes easier to exert control over them. The Democrats want to replace God with green energy. It’s a religion, not a science. But people will buy anything you sell hard enough.

But ask yourself this. Will electric cars work out better than it did on the power grids in California? Or building the high-speed rails to nowhere? The truth is the United States has cut emissions more than any other country without the massive greening other countries have subscribed to.

Newsom said:

“By the time the new rule goes into effect, zero-emission vehicles will almost certainly be cheaper and better than the traditional fossil fuel powered cars.”

“The climate change crisis is happening now, impacting California in unprecedented ways, and affecting the health and safety of too many Californians.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire transportation sector. Bringing a sharp decline in demand for fuels and adversely impacting public transportation. Even as our economy recovers, we must accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral future that supports the retention and creation of high-road, high-quality jobs.”

From The Blaze

The order also makes it clear that, while the goal is to achieve a total end to the sale of combustion-engine automobiles in 2035. The California State Air Resources Board is expected to take incremental steps beginning immediately. That will gradually reduce the sale of gasoline-powered engines.

The Panglossian predictions about the ease with which Californians will be able to transition completely away from gasoline-powered vehicles. It should perhaps be viewed through the lens of the success of California’s initiative to fuel its power grid entirely with renewable energy sources.

California’s grid is currently unable to provide reliable power to residents, and only federal intervention (including the use of fossil fuel-burning ship engines) has provided even moderate stability during the crisis.

The religion of climate change is beginning to pick up steam from those who are willing to absorb it without question. That means grade school children. Then when they are older it is permanently ingrained in their minds. Because remember, you are not allowed to debate global warming no matter what science says.

California has been suffering through rolling blackouts because of its energy policies. What makes you believe this will be any different? But, what if it makes it worse? It could, you know. Once implemented it’s too late to go back.

But once that happens, they control you. You will be unable to do anything except move. People will move. There are 49 other states and they can pick and choose which one suits them best. California is already bleeding people. Companies too.

What happens when there are no longer enough people to tax? Their expensive social experiments will not have the resources to continue. The state will have no manufacturing base to fall back on because the cost of electricity to run the machines will be too costly.

Silicon Valley will be able to survive as long as the Democrats supply them with cheap foreign labor. But the state would not survive on them alone. Especially since many don’t pay taxes. Mass transportation won’t save them because for many the time spent commuting will become too great.

If the Democrats ever succeed in eliminating the Electoral College, California will have the power to provide any candidate will a win on the popular vote. Do you want California to rule this country? That’s why the Founding Fathers created the Electoral college in the first place.


Steven Ahle

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