According to reports Adam Schiff is angling himself into a position for Gov Gavin Newsome to appoint him as California Attorney General to replace Xavier Becerra, who has joined the Biden cabinet.

Imagine if he gets it. That means that the last three AGs for California are Kamala Harris, Xavier Becerra, and Adam Schiff. Talk about three of a kind, all jokers. But the people of California deserve no better.

Adam Schiff is a serial liar and he makes false claims and the lies flow from him as heat flows from the sun. What could the people of California expect from him?

It certainly would not be justice.

Face it, anyone willing to make up lies about anyone whom he hates would be a terrible Attorney General. Instead of taking care of business for Californians, he would be fighting vendettas against those he wants to destroy.

You might wonder why he would want to leave his influential position in the Pelosi caliphate but if you think real hard about it, you can see what his plan is. He wants to be back in California to increase his footprint in California because Dianne Feinstein is very old and is unlikely to run for reelection.

He wants to position himself as her heir apparent. The problem is he is Adam Schiff but on the other hand, California voters are among the dumbest in the country.

Look at what they vote for. The most extreme of the Democratic party and they have been destroying the state.

Their taxes are astronomical and they are business-unfriendly and the state is bleeding people and businesses. But even as this happens, they continue to vote for the same people time after time. I feel no sympathy for them.

From Fox News

Schiff’s district is reliably Democratic, and the party would still hold a majority in the House of Representatives until his replacement is chosen – albeit a narrow one.

Schiff has represented California’s 28th District for almost 20 years. As a former federal prosecutor who graduated from Harvard Law School, he has experience that would ostensibly qualify him to lead the state attorney general’s office – although critics have accused him of partisanship. Still, Pelosi has been advocating on his behalf, Politico reported.

His office could not immediately be reached for comment.


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