A brutal terrorist attack in Nice, France has left three people, two men and a woman dead. The woman was beheaded.

It is the latest in a series of attacks over the publication of Mohammad cartoons by Charly Hebdo. An uproar has been heard throughout the Muslim world because France refuses to ban free speech.

If anything France has been coddling Muslims too much. They have allowed them to form no go zones where the police and fire departments aren’t welcome.

Once you give them an inch, they want your entire country. The attacks have been happening for the last two weeks and will likely continue.

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, says everything points to a terrorist attack.

The attack occurred at the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, and that two people were killed at the scene. A third victim managed to away from the attacker but medics were unable to save his life.

The police shot the attacker, who is still alive. He has not been publicly identified as yet, but he was yelling Allahu Akbar during the attack.

From The Blaze

It was later revealed that at least one victim had been beheaded. A third person was able to flee the attacker after being stabbed, but medical personnel were reportedly not able to save the victim’s life. The victims are reportedly two men and a women, but they have not yet been identified.

The attacker was reportedly shot by police, according to CNN, but remains alive. According to Radio France Internationale, Estrosi reported that the attacker continued yelling “Allahu Akbar” even after being administered pain medication and sedation for his gunshot wound.

The shocking attack comes as the Muslim world has fumed with anger at the French government for refusing to take action against French citizens for public displays of the prophet Mohammad. Those displays are, in turn, a show of solidarity and support for free expression after a French school teacher was beheaded by a Chechen refugee on Oct. 16 in an apparent reprisal for having shown the Mohammad cartoons to his class.

Many heads of Muslim countries have called for a boycott of French products. And violent protests across the globe have occurred.

France is warning it’s citizens about the dangers of traveling to certain Muslim countries.


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