Brennan Denies Knowing Anything About Dossier Until He Saw it in the Newspaper [VIDEO]

Does that sound familiar? It’s the same excuse Obama used a couple of times, and like those couple of times, Brennan will be discovered to be lying about the dossier. Look at these facts: Brennan met with Reid. Comey was told to expect a letter from Reid, but won’t say who told him. Reid does send the letter. The DOJ has refused to turn over emails and texts from Brennan. But, investigative reporter Sara Carter hinted on the Sean Hannity show that in those emails are chains referring to the dossier to and from Brennan.

Sean Hannity: I know I’m just a talk-show host and we don’t do investigative reporting but we’ve beaten everybody, everybody as it relates to this story. By the way, that was targeted at people who know who they are. I just want to say, isn’t there an email chain that might prove this point?

Sara Carter: There’s actually a series of emails that people want to obtain. That is why Congress, this is why Judicial Watch and others are suing for Brennan’s communications as well as Comey’s.

Sean Hannity: And they may actually prove that he did do this and he lying about the Reid stuff? Is that what your birdies were telling you because that’s what my birdies are telling me?


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) who has been at the forefront of the congressional inquiries, said that the documents obtained by the oversight committees continue to raise serious questions as to the involvement and role of other government agencies in the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russia collusion with the Trump campaign.

“One of the concerning trends in the documents as they are produced to Congress is that we’re seeing more and more of a role of agencies beyond the FBI that were potentially coordinating with the Russia investigation,” said Meadows. “New documents that have been received would indicate that the FBI was fully aware that Harry Reid received a brief or the details of the unverified dossier prior to August 30 of 2016. What we do now know is that Director Brennan gave a briefing to Harry Reid on August 25, 2016 and within days of that briefing Harry Reid sent a letter to Director Comey asking him to look into the Trump-Russia connection.”

I have no doubt that sooner or later the truth will come out, and that Brennan is lying.

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