BREAKING: Feds Notify Bernie Sanders That Russia Is Trying To Help His Campaign

Federal officials have notified Bernie Sanders that Russia is boosting his candidacy. Is there a collusion plot in the house?

It seems to me that the FBI should start investigating him, and AG Bill Barr should name a special prosecutor if he gets the Democratic nomination.

I was just being sarcastic — but isn’t that what the left did to President Trump?

The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump and top congressional leaders have been notified of the developments. The WaPo said that top officials  “have repeatedly warned that Russia has ongoing plans to interfere in U.S. elections and foster divisions among Americans, part of a strategic goal to undermine U.S. standing in the world,

“Some analysts believe that the Kremlin’s goal is to cause the maximum disruption within the United States, and it throws the support of its hackers and trolls behind candidates based on that goal, not any particular affinity for the persons running.”

The Washington Post reported earlier this month:

One issue involves Sanders’s stance toward the former Soviet Union, a record that could undercut Democrats’ ability to criticize Trump for being too close to Russia today.

The documents from the Sanders archives include a letter from Soviet Embassy First Secretary Vadim Kuznetsov in March 1983, congratulating Sanders on his reelection as mayor and thanking Sanders for receiving him in Sanders’s office. Kuznetsov had been in Burlington to attend a conference on nuclear disarmament at the University of Vermont a few days earlier. Neither Sanders nor conference organizers appear to have read a 1976 Time magazine article that identified Kuznetsov as a member of a “Soviet intelligence squad” posing as diplomats to infiltrate U.S. politics.

In 1988, Sanders traveled to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon and forged a “sister city” cooperation program there. Many believe he gave a rosy depiction of conditions there just a few years before the communist system collapsed.

Besides being a socialist, the Russians believe that Sanders will cut military spending drastically to fund his programs, and then we cannot counter Russia’s aggressiveness towards other countries, including Ukraine.


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