Last week, Jovan Pulitzer, the inventor who discovered how to use bar codes to identify and price items on the web, such as your grocery store was told to audit the votes in Fulton County, Georgia but before he was able to check even one vote, Pulitzer said within four hours of being picked to run the audit, a truck pulled up and began shredding the votes and other evidence.

Pulitzer appeared in an interview with Monica Matthews, where he dropped the bomb about the evidence being destroyed. If this is true, it is criminal and the person or persons responsible must be sent to prison to see this never happens again. If the votes are good, no one would object to further scrutiny but if it was a fraud, it stands to reason to destroy the evidence.

From The Gateway Pundit

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we have access through the devices to the poll pad–the system, but WE ARE IN,” Pulitzer said.

He continued, “And it’s not supposed to have WiFi and that’s not supposed to be able to happen so we’ve documented now it’s communicating two ways in real time, meaning it’s receiving data and sending data — should never happen, shouldn’t be WiFi, we’ve now documented it in real time.



“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, *NOT ONLY* do we now have access through the devices to the POLL PAD, to the system, but *WE ARE IN.*”

Georgia hearing reveals LIVE, real-time hacking of Dominion Voting Systems. *Bombshell.*🔻

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) December 30, 2020

Following Pulitzer’s testimony, the committee voted unanimously for Pulitzer to audit the ballots in Fulton County. Evidently, someone was concerned about what they would find among the ballots if the shredding story is indeed true.

But if the ballots have all been destroyed even though federal law requires that the ballots and all records must be saved for 22 months after an election, then the perpetrators should be charged with treason.

Jovan Pulitzer: I’d like your permission of you and your fine audience that as I answer you that I have your permission to piss you off… The very minute that order went through and that order was followed, and all the legal notices were done, it didn’t even take four hours later where moving trucks with this stuff was backed up to those buildings trying to get rid of the evidence.


Steven Ahle

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  • These MFers make me SOOOO ANGRY 😡. All of a sudden it’s ok to CHEAT & they are just letting them get away w/ it in broad daylight. Something HAS to be done as I’m sure there’s video to verify this. This FRAUDULENT election MUST be overturned, justice MUST prevail or our freedoms are lost, not to mention free election. Smdh….

  • It’s pretty sad that these geniuses didn’t see this coming.

    All Dominion machines and ballots should be under 24-hour guard.

    • The evidence of MASSIVE fraud has been reported on many conservative sites. Bu all you’ll see and hear on the liberal MSM is that there was no evidence of ANY fraud.

      If Beijing Joe went on FOX and said, “I stole the election, What are you going to do about it?”, the MSM would not report it.

    • Well that’s and easy one-because the news people hate Trump. Just watch after inauguration. The news will fall all over Biden/Kamala as if they were King/Queen. I will never watch news again other than the local. We all should abandon the news so they feel the heat and their ratings fall into the dirt.

    • Treason defined in the constitution:
      The Constitution specifically identifies what constitutes treason against the United States and, importantly, limits the offense of treason to only two types of conduct: (1) “levying war” against the United States; or (2) “adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort.”

      This would also count under the second classification because the CCP who paid off media and Biden is an enemy of the united states, and Biden getting into office is adhering to the CCP and aiding and comforting them by having a controllable ideologue for them in office again.

      • So why the hell doesn’t Trump charge Biden with treason and his son into the bargain, isn’t China an enemy of USA, Charge Pelosi etc etc because they back Biden etc etc. For crying out loud!!!!

  • Arent we living in the United States? Then the authorities need to get in action and arrest and throw in jail anyone who has destroyed ballots especially Z ‘s. Come on people what is going on with this country! I can’t believe this is happening here I can’t believe it I can’t believe people are just sitting around and letting it happen this is got to stop. We have got to become America again. I am so sad and depressed with all those awful news that I’m hearing lately. President Trump please change this craziness back to the way we need America to be for real!

  • This frightens me. I believe Mr Pulitzer. Why are there no arrests IMMEDIATELY? Where is the FBI? Where are the local or state police of Georgia? I don’t understand….. Lord God please help us. America —not only Georgia but with the help of corrupt Georgians—is drowning!!

    • You should get out of Mom’s basement more often then your head will clear up and you might be able to understand what is going on in the real world, not the brain dead properganda influanced democratic communist world.

  • If the vote information is supposed to be kept for 22 monhts and is destroyed, then this calls for a new election, and someone going to jail.

    • I agree re-vote, I think only the states that had the high level of corruption as we see, or put it in their terms nothing to see here would be the best for the country and save the cost of the entire election over again. We know Trump won, they know it too but are relying on cheating to win. If they were honest they would want the same to put all this to rest.

  • Mainstream Media doesnt show anything about the fraud found and there is a substantial amount of it. Have you noticed several CEOs of big networks are stepping down.They just cancelled Lou Dobbs on Fox News because he speaks about Truth.Do research on your own and use Duck Duck Go search Engine to look up what your searching for. Watch Oan News or News Max, as they do talk about the fraud.Dominion has threatened all the big networks with lawsuits, so your not going to hear it, just like you dont hear about the Pedophilia problem in the USA, along with the corruption in our Government.Anyone trying to speak truth in news or social media gets blocked or banned to silence them.People need to wake up that are still asleep.

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