By now, you already know that the alleged water leak in Georgia never happened. But what did happen is people worked on the system unsupervised. There is even a video on it but it is not yet publicly available. I assume it will be used at the court hearing on Sidney Powell’s and Lin Wood’s election law suit.

General Flynn Attorney Abigail Frye posted the following:

The Kraken came down to Georgia on this Thanksgiving Eve in the form of a 104 pg BOMBSHELL complaint exposing the massive fraud that overwhelmed the 2020 Georgia Elections. Georgia, you are most certainly on our minds. Link to filing to come, stay tuned!

From The Gateway Pundit

Then on page 8 of the filing we noted this bombshell –

But in addition to our reporting, Powell states that there is a video of unsupervised election workers unchallenged working on the computers!

BOOM – these actions appear criminal as well as being sufficient to meet the burden of proof standard for fraud.

Remember these charges that have been submitted to the court are not required to be backed up by proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It is covered by the so called 51-49 rule or the preponderance of the evidence. That means it is more likely as not. When you look at the numbers and activities, it would be hard to deny that there were illegal acts involved in the election. It’s not yet clear who is responsible.

But since the same pattern emerges all across the country, it appears to be a well planned and executed act in order to assure Biden the win by the manufacture of millions of votes in my opinion. But will activist judges hold up their rulings to benefit the Democrats and Biden? You betcha. It will eventually end up at the Supreme Court.

The Democrats won’t be happy about it. They will insist that Amy Coney Barrett recuse herself. That will fail and they will claim she ruled on politics no matter what the law says. We desparately need four mkore years of President Donald Trump.


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