The Arizona legislature has subpoenaed the voting machines and records for Maricopa County. The Democrats there voted to ignore the subpoena. But if there was no cheating why won’t they allow the machines to be examined. Machines in Antrim County Michigan and Ware County Georgia were tested and both took votes from Trump and gave them to Biden.

Maricopa County is taking the case to court to keep them from auditing the machines and viewing all necessary documents. Obviously they have something to hide, otherwise there is no reason to oppose the machine audit. They don’t mind committing fraud they just don’t want to get caught at it. Some people just don’t want to go to prison.

From We Love Trump

ocal Tuscon News confirms that Maricopa is fighting back against the audit:

Maricopa County supervisors voted Friday to not comply with subpoenas for election materials issued by the chairman of the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

The subpoenas demanded access to copies of the more than 2 million ballots cast by Maricopa County voters in the Nov. 3 election, and for access to the equipment used to tabulate those ballots and the software that ran the equipment.

The 4-1 vote to refuse, following a nearly three-hour executive session with attorneys, came amid concerns that at least some of what is being demanded by Sen. Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, would expose private information on voters.
There also were questions about whether the county has the legal right to give that information to outsiders.
Instead, the board members in the majority on the vote — three Republicans and one Democrat — directed their attorneys to file suit and have a judge determine whether the subpoenas are legally valid.
The legal papers, filed late Friday, said the subpoenas are not authorized by any law.
Legislative panels can subpoena people to testify, but these seek actual materials, said attorney Steve Tully, hired by the county, who is himself a former lawmaker.
More significant, Tully said the subpoenas “serve no valid legislative purpose.”
“There is no legislative authority to audit election results,” he said. Nor is there authority to examine ballots or conduct forensic audits of election equipment, he said.

Chances are Maricopa County is trying to run the clock out on the Trump team. They have been caught and they know it.


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  • They are stalling for time.
    They want to keep a lid on this till AFTER biden gets in office.
    Once in office he would have to be impeached and the DNC runs the house and will rig it to take the senate.
    Thus, even if biden is in office due to vote rigging, he will NEVER be removed.

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