Bodycam Video Reveals Moment Suspect Shot Dead As He Was About to Slaughter Police Officer with a Machete

A video depicting a police chase after a man with a machete suddenly changed course as the machete wielder began running after the policeman.

The cop stumbled and fell as he was being charged. He got off one shot but missed as the man closed in on him. He raised the machete as if to strike the officer, and two other cops shot him dead.

Nathaniel Pinnock had used the machete to rob an auto parts store when the police began engaging him.

There is little doubt that Pinnock planned to use the machete on the unnamed officer, but that will not satisfy the media or the Democrats, so it’s possible he could walk.

Defense Maven reported at Blue Lives Matter:

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released bodycam video of a suspect who chased police with a machete and was fatally shot as he loomed above an officer with his long blade raised over his head (video below).

The incident occurred at about 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 25 after a man wielding a machete had just robbed an auto parts store in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Times reported…

…the suspect suddenly stopped short and doubled back toward the police officer and started chasing him.

Bodycam video showed Pinnock rushing at the officer with his machete.

The officer drew his duty weapon and fired at his attacker but missed.

And that didn’t stop the suspect, who was raising his arm above his head with the long knife to attack the officer.

The officer turned and fled from the suspect, running into the street to get away, the video showed…

…But then the officer tripped and fell to the pavement and a split-second later, the suspect was looming above him with the machete.

That’s when the cell phone video showed other officers opened fire on the suspect before he could bring the machete down on the officer.

The bodycam footage showed the officer was on the ground and Pinnock was above him with the knife a split second before another officer fatally shot him.

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