BLM stormed the Iowa Capital for a die-in and among them was the nephew of George Floyd. Why is this not exactly like January 6th? Will the FBI hunt them down? Will prosecutors overcharge any of them? BLM supporters gathered outside the Iowa Capitol on Thursday morning as part of a “Kill the Racist Bills” protest, organized by the  “Advocates for Social Justice” group.

The bills they are protesting include the right to push through rioting BLM protesters blocking roads and highways. It also includes anti-defunding the police legislation and banning diversity and inclusion training in schools and universities. And guess what BLM called the bills? Racist, of course. The word no longer has any meaning. When you toss that accusation around like so many nickels, it becomes absolutely meaningless.

Cortez Rice from Minneapolis, the nephew of George Floyd said:

“This is the new Jim Crow. If we don’t put our foot on this sh*t’s neck, this will be happening everywhere.”

Jim Crow? People need a political dictionary. Jim Crow and racism are both becoming archaic terms because they are over used to the point of irrelevance.

One woman was arrested during the capital takeover. BLM claimed it was because she asked for the badge numbers and the names of the police, however, a video shows her punching a cop.

A BLM member asked where the energy the police showed at their rally was on January 6th, but I doubt the FBI will pull the same tactics against BLM they have shown to conservatives. I have not heard a single Democrat call this an insurrection, have you?

From National File

During the “die-in,” leaders were informed that the graffiti had to be cleaned up, angering protestors. “Where was this energy on January 6th with the insurrectionists,” one woman shouted. At one point, Rice and another man commented that people should “pull up” to the houses of elected officials. “We do that in Minnesota,” one man remarked.

After being undisturbed by police, state troopers arrived, where one young woman punched one of them. The woman was arrested, at which point the protestors became violent, attacking the troopers during their attempted arrest of the woman from all sides. Rice continued to film the event, cursing the troopers for arresting the woman.

The protestors continued to follow the troopers out of the building, where Rice claimed that the young woman was only being arrested because she had been asking for the badge numbers of the troopers, despite a clear scuffle being caught on his livestream. “We have lot of responsibilities to the Capitol complex,” one state trooper later said, “and she got in the way and then shoved one of the officers.”


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  • You are a lying sack of crap. The protestors had a permit for both outside and inside the building. They did not storm the capitol but filed through security one by one. Only one protestor was arrested and that was for toughing an officer’s arm while trying to get the officer’s attention. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so racist as to lie about BLM. Move to Russia. You will be much happier there as it is very conservative and very white.

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