BLM leader says to achieve racial peace, whites must give Blacks everything they own.

This story was originally highlighted a few years back, but it bears repeating , considering what we are seeing play out on cities streets over the past couple of months. It provides a little historical context to what we are witnessing.

Louisville-based Black Lives Matter leader Chanelle Helm, who admits she is not friends with any white people, outlined what she expects white people to do to make race relations in America.

Like all of the ideas coming out of the BLM movement, this too will go into file 13 right next to my work desk.

Now fast forward and pay close attention to the mass looting on the Magnificent Mile of high end stores, which the rioters now say was rightfully theirs and not the businesses’ to begin with or reparations, if you will. You own your own home? Give it to a Black family.

If you own rental property, allow a Black family in and don’t charge them rent. Name a Black person in your will.

I can attest to the fact that I have never owned a single slave in my whole life and no one can claim I did or that I owe reparations for slavery.

Dem0crats don’t owe BLM a thing. After all, they have allowed 93% of Blacks to live on their plantation rent free since the 1960’s.

Helm has produced a list of 10 demands that all involve white people giving Blacks whatever they own.  Helm, like most of the BLM leadership is a Marxist.

Marxism is a failed concept every time it is tried. But still,people cling to it’s tenets, claiming that Marxism has never truly been tried. In Marxism you only have two classes of people, the poor and the elite that rule them.

Here are the 10 demands:

1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.

3. If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.

4. White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

5. White people, if any of the people you intend to leave your property to are racists assholes, change the will, and will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

6. White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing.

7. White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty — Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the fuck they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.

8. Backing up No. 7, this should be easy but all those sheetless Klan, Nazi’s and Other lil’ dick-white men will all be returning to work. Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.

9. OK, backing up No. 8, if any white person at your work, or as you enter in spaces and you overhear a white person praising the actions from yesterday, first, get a pic. Get their name and more info. Hell, find out where they work — Get Them Fired. But certainly address them, and, if you need to, you got hands: use them.

10. Commit to two things: Fighting white supremacy where and how you can (this doesn’t mean taking up knitting, unless you’re making scarves for black and brown kids in need), and funding black and brown people and their work.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • ROFLMAO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THIS BITCH is INSANE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,GET your sorry ass and get a JOB, like I have !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The results of the Great Society Welfare state and the sense of entitlement by uneducated welfare drawing sponges.

      • This is SENSELESS! She really has no clue about life and the world around her. She’s clearly extremely racist herself.

  • Screw each amd everyone of you punks. You will never get your way and you will either be in.prison soon or the inevidable will happen because the true americans in this country are steadily getting sick kf this crap. Im one of em

    • I’m with you brother I’m sick and tired of hearing this shit. They want it all just so long as they don’t have to do anything to earn it. Scum bags like her makes it hard for blacks to get ahead. Their the oppressors oppressing themselves.

      • Why aren’t they going after all the rich black rap artists, actors and singers? ANd what the hell did I do to her for her to hate me?

          • Give me a freakin’ break. If black or brown people, just the lazy ones, would go out and get a job instead if trying to get everything for free, they could buy their own home. I’ll give you my home for $210000.

  • Laughing my a$$ off!! Get a job and earn it the right way!! No ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!! JUST TOO LAZY TO DO IT YOUR SELF!!

  • Blm people can get off their fucking asses and earn their money food card and education. Just like we did. Butttt nooooo these lowlife blacks that are ordering whites. Are the one who are racist, lazy, uneducated morons who are asking for ass beaten or to get. Nothing is given to you. If we had early they have to earn it. They were never slaves so they need to shut the hell up. And they do not come before my people I’m Cherokee Indian and Italian So they can shut the fuck up I’m sick of them.

    • I feel you. I am whitr but my grandma was Biloxi Sioux and my other grandma mom side was Cheerokee. My grandma that was Biloxi Sioux grew up on a reservation. She married my grandpa bc he was white. I am 38 but my grandparents born in 1885 1895 and my cheerokee one 1905. I grew up stories on how they worked the fields and only had cornbread to eat my dad growing up. Life was not easy. My dad worked hard. He taught me to work hard too. By the time i pay my bills and i owe student loans what is left? I owe nothing to no one and i know my family history. My great grandma committed suicide after my grandma marrief my grandpa bc she knew my grandma be safe. So yes there was racial tension but what they forget is Native Americans were killed and treated like trash, had land taken, etc. So if ANYONE deserves retribution from the past it is Native Americans. On the Navajo reservationI visitef kids only go to 8th grade. If they leave the rez they give up heritage rights to property. Dont sound fair and good way to keep people down if they recognize how they are being controlled.

      • Amen to that . My Grandmother was Mohawk , was born and grew up on a reservation and never traveled more than 20 miles from her home , until after she married Grandfather and he was a German immigrant . The Native American is the forgotten soul in this country .

        • I feel all the native Americans have been mistreated at one time or another in our history. They were put on reservations with no choice and made to forget their native tongue. Many injustices were heaped upon them. Ah……but they got the last laugh. The are now the proud owners of most of the Casino’s in America. Love their native dress and their ceremonial dances. Thank you for leading the way.

          • They aren’t the only ones. If you look at this country’s history there were many ethnicities that were used, abused and treated like sub par humans. The Irish, for example were treated horribly as well as the Chinese. Both groups built a majority of this country yet forbidden from even entering most “white” establishments. Businesses would actually post signs that stated “Help wanted. Irish need not apply”. The Chinese were used for slave labor on the railroads and that’s just a couple of examples. We can’t go back and fix our mistakes but we can learn from them and strive to do and be better every day going forward which will trickle down to our kids and their kids and so on and so on.

          • I agree with a lot of the things that you said but I don’t understand how they were made to forget their native tongue. it’s not like white people were there 24/7 to make sure that they only spoke English they could have easily kept speaking to each other in their native tongue so they didn’t forget.

        • They aren’t the only ones. If you look at this country’s history there were many ethnicities that were used, abused and treated like sub par humans. The Irish, for example were treated horribly as well as the Chinese. Both groups built a majority of this country yet forbidden from even entering most “white” establishments. Businesses would actually post signs that stated “Help wanted. Irish need not apply”. The Chinese were used for slave labor on the railroads and that’s just a couple of examples. We can’t go back and fix our mistakes but we can learn from them and strive to do and be better every day going forward which will trickle down to our kids and their kids and so on and so on.

      • I love it my grandmother was Apache and my grandfather was Cherokee and I totally hear you I worked hard since I was 12 years old my wife the same for her Italian father and his restaurant working at 12 years old nobody gave us a damn thing! Everything we have we worked very hard for, calm and try to take my stuff I guarantee you won’t get far!

      • I agree with you. If anyone needs retribution from the past it is you, people. BLM is trying to say to give you back land or our homes. I know hard times whereupon your great-grandma, and grandma and no doubt you also but not as bad. I don’t know what Indian tribe it is but I know that Indian decent kids going to college are getting quite a bit of money from the government monthly. And also were able to open up casinos so hopefully, they make more money. Your tribe should look into this. You probably have already but I am just wondering why it is not for you also.

    • Both sets of grandparents were Jewish and fled persecution in Europe in 1900 because they were Jews. Those left behind faced atrocities far more horrible than any Black person could even begin to imagine. I am not responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago nor will I ever be.

    • It’s easier for them to destroy people property they have worked hard for. Pure jealousy. Nothings going to change because they keep telling their kids about so called white privileges and police brutality. Let it go,

  • ok…I surrender…..the 1st thing I’ll give up is a bullet out of my 45……if you want anything after that you’ll have to say please…………………………..if you can!

  • Black women like her wonder why black men don’t want them. Their sense of entitlement is outrageous. I’ll will my stuff to my dog before I’d will it to garbage like her. BLM organization doesn’t want the black man in their lives. You made your bed now lie in it. Get up off your lazy asses and work for your own stuff. Where’s the billion plus dollars BLM has earned??? Oh that’s right, it went to old white men like Soros and the democratic party. Not any of that money has gone to help black families, businesses or community. Take your 10 demands and shove them up your lazy ass.

    • Actually on BLM’s website their donations go to Actblue or Actpac which is the fundraising arms of the democratic party. The party has these fundraising different names, you have to be careful, there is even one name that makes you think it is conservative and it is actually a bunch of fake republicans who hate Trump and they are establishment anti Trump. Be careful of these sites when donating period.

  • As usual BLM does’t want to discuss the problems they just want a hand out as usual. Why would anyone give you their home that they earned and worked for while you were laying on your couch cashing handouts from the government? Why? So you can tear it up and make it look like a hole in the wall? Go get a job, work hard and EARN it yourself

  • If it was not for the people from The Middle East bring the black people over here, they would still be in Africa beating on their bongo drums with sticks in their lips. Now they live in the United States where many, many people from all over the world would love to live and they appreciate nothing.

  • Its pretty funny i think cause shes all tough right now barking out orders to (WHITE) people demanding us to just hand over our home or if you own rentals allow a black family move in for free is she really that stupid or to leave property and belongings to them when you pass away instead of your family i never thought id see someone that is dumber than biden but after this biden seems intelligent lmao because allot of peoples been quite and trying to stay civil but its starting to go a little to far and its not going to be good when we take a stand and and start defending are country from these terrorists!!

  • Hey , I bet there are plenty of huts and mud holes in old country available. go back there and live it up. we built or bought our homes by getting and keeping a job . Try working instead of welfare. you might even try staying in off the streets at night and finishing school. that would probably help. And cut back on the drugs , always a good idea.

  • *rubs the same genie lamp she’s holding*
    “AND I WANT AN Ompaloompah too!”
    Sit down. Find a trade school make your own way.

  • I am brown and don’t want anything from BLM..I make own money and I own a home. I come from poverty area and grow up with nothing..I was a single mom at 21yrs. and still made a successful business and personal fulfillment. Why would I take away the dream for more or idea that can change a future. My family fought in the Mexican war to become citizens and become part of the US. I am proud to be American because it is free to make choice to succeed. We worked hard to make community better. So don’t listen to demands of another it is narcissistic behavior.

  • Stop trying to ride the wave of racism re-created by the Democrats, in their pathetic attempt to win an election. Get an education, then a good job, then buy your own home. That’s how we did it, and there is no reason you can’t do it the same way! We are equally capable!

  • I am white, and I know racism when I see it. Soros, Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons are racist. They are using you, and I wish I could figure out what it is they’re setting you up for. It’s scary to think about it. I don’t know how they got you to act this way willingly, but it’s not going last long. If I were you, I would erase my name from everything to do with BLM and lay low. They are dangerous.

  • I personally think they have lost there minds . tell them to get a job and work hard like the rest of us. I did not have anything handed down to me ,I had to work for everything and still working for it.

  • They will never be happy or satisfied after being rescued from African tribal warfare butchery, starvation and cannibalism …. for a little work given an ownership stake in the greatest free country on Earth built by white men who have the ill advised compassion to give them a part of their franchise called America. Their payback has been murder, rape, robbery, ruined cities and destruction. Its going to end folks … their patron the deep state Luciferian crime cabal is going down… and white folks can get back to insulating themselves from these savages.

  • In a pig’s eye you say! You know where you can put THAT request BLM, you aren’t getting our homes, our land. Now, we might help FUND your ticket back to Africa but THAT’S IT. WE OWE YOU NOTHING! You have done NOTHING to deserve anything at all black people. GO TO WORK. WELFARE should be done away with except for the elderly and disabled!

  • I will never never never give BLM a goddamn thing they don’t own my home they don’t pay my bills they don’t I won’t finish the rest of that sentence but I will not give up anything I’ve worked my whole goddamn life for just to give to them they can kiss my white ass I will not apologize for being white I will not bend down and kiss their asses either they are no better than I am other than the fact that they are a terrorist group that is the only difference between them and me and they can go to hell

  • Ooohhh no me and my family broke our selves down working for what we got. Nobody is taking nothing. From any of us we all as American citizens should stand up and fight against these terrorists and get the the hell outta here funded by the biggest terrorist in the world George Soros and imar.

    • George Soros owns the DemonicRAT terrorist party, two of the biggest existential threats to this nation.

  • She is a woman that will never be appeased, she thinks “White People owe her something”, she’s full of hate, pray for her.

    • Get funked work hard and buy your own and stop playing on the race card i dont care what you call me I worked hard for my house and I will not be giving it to no black person it will be going to my children blm my arse just excuse to run around and cause shite ALL LIVES MATTER and if saying that makes me racist then so be it stupid cow

  • Would be glad to give Chanelle Helm my residence. I live in a camper 8 x 35 and still owe on it. She can have the payments too. Along withe the repairs I have to scrape and scrounge to pay for. Not all whites have money and if I was to down size I wouldn’t have to many choices. So if whites have to give up our personal property to her or anyone else then they get the bills to go with the property.

    • You keep yours It needs to much work, And they’ll have to get some poor old white guy to fit it for them. They can have my house 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths on a acre If They want it I’ll give it to them. My Ex-wife lives there now So Take it Oh Hell Take her too…

    • Any excuse to get something free if not sterling g it. Just go down to welfare and get your free stuff there.

      Also since Oprah is on your side why don’t she give you some of her billions

  • I’m a black African American man
    And I strongly disagree with this all
    The way. Nothing should be given at all . You get out and go to work or hustle
    So u can go get that . Do u think for one minute that anybody is going to just give
    Up what they’ve worked hard for or earned what is this world coming to.

  • I worked for what I have. To out and get a job and work for 50 years like we do. What about the black who plays sport. Let them buy homes for them.

    • That is a good idea. The actors, musicians they all have lots of money and there are a lot of them now. We put up with the racism in the ’60s ’70s and etc. up to now and there are more black people with lots of money than the whites- other than the Dem. thieves in politics, but other than that regular people are lucky to be able to work and save up for a home that all of us work for if that is what we want out of life. If not= go iive in the woods in a tent and try to build a house.

  • Coming from a very poor family. Father Blackfeet, mother white. Both alcholics. I had to quit school in the 7th grade. I obtained my GED at 21. I worked very hard to put myself through college. Why in the world would I give my home to any racist like Chanelle Helm. She, just as the far right all need an attitude adjustments. No one in my family owned slaves or persecuted any other race. If you’re a lazy, low life, who has no incentive but to leach of society, you get nothing. All of you extemists on both side are what is destroying our country. Shut the front door and focus on helping all the under privileged, black, white, brown, etc. You’re and those like you are pitiful excuses for humans and you shoulf be ashamed of yourself.

  • Fuck you, you black piece of shit. That’s what’s wrong with your race….you want everything handed to you. You’re to fucking lazy to get a job and buy the things you want.

  • Your ancestors that were slaves would be ashamed of you making this list. Your the worst racist I’ve heard of.

  • Ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.

    Victim mentality
    Lazy, entitled, pathetic whiners. Did I mention…
    Victim mentality
    Not using even 0.001% of brain capacity. And, in case I forgot to mention…
    Victim mentality
    Sucking the government teat
    Here are 10 demands of:

    HELP (Highly Ethical, Logical People)

    1. End taxpayer funded welfare completely over the next 5 years. I’m not supporting people who, among other things, may be: too stupid to get a job and too lazy to hold one down. That’s your parents’ job.

    2. End taxpayer funded welfare NOW for those who refuse to work (jobs available)

    3. Privatize welfare into a plan where you MUST prove you are incapable of working (i.e. admit and prove you’re worthless). This welfare must be funded from private sources – not from taxpayers’ money. Government is too big as it is and needs downsized. What big programs have they not fouled up?

    4. Enforce the laws 100%.

    5. Incarcerate politicians who refuse to enforce laws.

    6. Two term limits for ALL politicians – competition yields a better product (12 year cool off period before being able to run again for ANY office).

    7. Immediate open season on all commie/marxist pu$$ie$. Run them out of the country.

    8. Immediately wipe the books of all unconstitutional laws restricting US Citizens’ liberty. Citizens can help using their 2A rights if need be. (couldn’t help adding that!)

    9. ALL politicians must be born to parents that were also born in the US. This does not exclude children of legal immigrants – it just requires that when the’re made citizens, their grandchildren are the first to be able to work as politicians at the state or local level.

    10. Public trials and punishment for ALL politicians who have not supported and defended the Constitution as they swore they would.

    Have I missed anything? Please comment with changes, additions, or deletions.

  • That is ridiculous! I’m not white, I’m native and they have experienced atrocities that blacks could never imagine. They need to stop playing the victim and move along!!

    • Joyce, they can’t stop playing the victim. The Demarates wants to keep control of the people. Plus, to many have believed the lies of the blacks that has made it. They keep telling them that the white man has been keeping the down. Instead of showing them how they made their millions. I know of a friend who’s a millionaire and worked as a news paper carrier. He taught his sons to work for their money. He helped them a little. But mostly, they got a job and earned their pay. He helped them learn their worth in life. As he said to me… You’re only worth is want you put into your work and life. And he is right. To bad that this rich black a## doesn’t life them up. Instead of giving them an excuse for being black.

  • Well. Looks like white America is gonna have a shitload of black lynching if this dumb nigger doesn’t get her head out of her ass. ALL gunowners and landowners and business owners will hunt down all these blm idiots and shoot them dead. Either be a free American or die as a dumbass blm thinker.

  • This make me so sad. What we need to do is pray for this nation. We need to organize a nation wide day of pray at our court houses, police stations, and everywhere else.


  • My white is JUMBO CLOUD CASPER and getting bigger by the day. I am the WHITEST OF WHITEY WHITES WHITE WHITE pls read comments

  • Here’s a demand for Chanelle Helm , learn to speak proper English and write it as well . Bubonic was a plague and Bubonic’s isn’t a recognized language .

  • Boy, there’s a lot of people from other countries that have never owned a black slave. And they want our families to give up our homes because we are white? My family is Irish, German and Cherokee. Therefore, kiss my Indian heritage a##. The only thing you deserve is a scalping. Ir you try taking my family’s home.

  • Come take it, if you think you can! As Charleton Heston “from my cold dead hands” I will never bow down to you and/ or blm. You and your worthless lazy kind can kiss my ass. Get a job and earn what I have, then give it away to some other worthless thugs. See how you like it.

  • Sounds as though they are still thinking like slaves. What can the white man do for me?Shake off that mentality, stop thinking and acting like a second class citizen and do for yourself instead of worrying what someone else can do for you.

  • I don’t know what’s this blm leaders name is but I wouldn’t give her the air to breath. I’ve worked hard to provide for my family

  • Some dickhead comes along and demands that I have to GIVE up something valuable that I own to some dark skinned minority, I’ll give him or her something of mine. It will be made of lead, could be fully copper-jacketed or partially so, be between 1/4″ and 1/2″ in diameter and delivered quickly… at between 1000 and 2000 fps.

  • This woman has lost her mind. Another words she is racist. So with that said, no way in hell and guess what try to come get it, surprise, I am married to a black man who thinks your a [email protected]$$ also.


  • Y’all can suck a fat white dick while y’all fill out job applications and get off of welfare to buy your own shit. Fuck that. Show up at my place and see what happenes.

  • Get funked work hard and buy your own and stop playing on the race card i dont care what you call me I worked hard for my house and I will not be giving it to no black person it will be going to my children

  • Get a fucking job!!!! I’m so sick of this shit!!!! Slavery happened before any of us were born, stop blaming us for the actions of our ancestors !!!! I don’t owe anyone a fucking thing for what was done in the past… You want us to give black people everything we own because of the past? Fuck off bitch!!! My people were also slaves , they were white Irish people and we’re not demanding shit from anyone!!!! Get over the past , if you want equality then act like a human being and not like a rabid animal, get a job instead of robbing stores and other people, how about stop killing your own people of color… Most importantly STOP RAPING AND KILLING WHITE WOMEN !!!!

    • Yes, I am Irish/Romany/French/English. The Scots were taken from the Highlands and worked as slaves right along the blacks. The Irish were treated even worse, almost wiped out as a people. This BLM crap is a lie and a set up for a race war. Do not engage.

  • Listen this is the 21st century, neither you or you kids were ever slaves. So you say give up your home is like saying give up my guns…..well over my dead body. Come for it and see what happens……

  • Here’s the problem. If whites give everything to blacks, yet keep a competitive free market economy, in about 3 years the whites will own everything again and the blacks will be dirt poor again. Then what are we going to do?

  • Crazy comes in all kind & all walk of life but this bat is one of the craziest of them all. She must be the leader of the pack.
    If you ain’t happy with what you have get off the streets and get a job, it would surprise you to know what a little hard work and dedication you can earn. Not being a freeloading bum makes you an independent woman, then you can feel self pride.

  • Chanelle Helm you are a racist of the worst kind because you HATE WHITE PEOPLE there are poor people of all races. You need to give all you have to any poor person and go back to Africa and see how you like living among your own people. But nooooo… you won’t do that because you know AMERICA if the best. So SHUT UP and get off your high horse

  • Well, her crap is sure pure basic Marxism and if you don’t know the definition of Marxism, it mean communism in it’s pure form. The concept is to bring everybody down to the lowest level and the communist party member elite lives in private homes and shop in a special meant for them supermarket with capitalism any food you want while the rest of the population lives in long roles of apartment buildings with many floors with one bathroom for the whole floor. While waiting for an apartment when you as a young person have gotten married, everybody waits in long lines for empty shelves and limited milk and bread, the basic food of humans. And Marxists say like in Cuba today, we gave you free health care, but, you need permission from your neighborhood commie to get a part to fix your water or toilet in your house and wait for your name on the list to get it. Yes, give your house up to the lowest level of your population and join them and than that chick commie will move into your home and tell you that you will have to wait for toilet paper to use the one bathroom on your floor but your have free healthcare, pure communism. Oh, and pray your children don’t turn you into their teacher for something the commie teacher thinks you said is treason and you are out of your apartment and off to the gulag/prison system. Don’t worry, your kids will be awarded either placed with a commie family or in a commie style orphanage. Yes, let’s vote for this little commie by voting for the new democratic communist party of America.

  • Whoever you are, you are rock bottom nuts. Why should any white person subsidize a black or brown person who wants everything given to them? I nor any of my family owned slaves and owe no person reparations. None of you were slaves unless it is to the devil who you seem to serve.

  • Obama is an expert at F..king things up so he should know! What he wants is to get back into the White House so he can makes things even worse than Biden would!

  • All i.can say is you better get right with Jesus before coming in my house, because you will be meeting him after you meet my friend Mr. 9 mm. They are flipping joke. They have no desire to work for anything. You will not get what I worked my ass off to get.

  • Fk them, Go get out of goverment assistance an that free chitty living and work for one , work bubu she is a cheap excuse of a human been. #wronghouse☠⚔⚰

  • F*ck you if you losers think you can take from others. Get passed a couple of dogs then meet the head of the house. You lose.

  • They can kiss my white ass lmao bwahahahahahahha fuckm,,,I owe them absolutely jack shit,,I earned what I have,,,they should try the same ????????

  • I believe in earning what you get. If she wants anything I would at least hope she would learn to speak.correctly.
    If you plan to present advice to others you have to be clear about your wishes

    This is not racist just being observant. It is sad how people want what they have plus what you have. And they want it for free.

    My people were exiled from 2 countries. Our lives were very difficult. I don’t think anyone owes me anything

  • I’m Black foot Indian and Irish! How are they judging all whites? Bottom line while you’re out there bitchin you should be at work or school like we did! It’s not white privilege, it’s called get off you lazy as! Also us white people have hands too and if you lay your hands on me you will be getting back what you give!

  • So now BLM is saying that Black people can’t get ahead in life unless a White person takes care of them? Do they really think that low of the black community? This should be insulting not only to white people but also to POC. Does she really hate Black people that much?

  • I congratulate Kamala,
    Using cheap prison labor makes sense. They are there anyway. Work is definitely a deterrent to many people. Don’t want to return to hard work. Stay on the outside clean and free and collect a trove of California social benefits. Have to commend her on this decision. Who’s complaining? Prisoners? They don’t vote anyway.

  • If you want a home, buy it yourself!
    We owe you nothing except to tell you about Jesus and how He died on the cross, that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES in Him should have eternal life. Know God know peace,
    No God, no peace!!

  • This bitch has been on welfare to long what she really needs is to get off her lazy ass and get a job like the rest of us,
    I’ve worked hard all my life for everything I have.

  • Really that bitch has lost her mind. I own a place in Africa I’ll gladly let them have. Yeah it’s also where lions roam. Let me know when they wanna move in I’ll open the gate

  • Thank you fuck all these lazy ass fucks I worked hard to get what I have i definitely not giving them what I busted my ass for ????????????????????????

  • Try working hard, and buy your own home. Get an education, while you’re at it.
    It takes a lot of nerve, demanding that people give up their home to you. Slavery, was practiced world wide, over the centuries. Your own people, are still enslaving each other. Every race has suffered. No one owes you anything. Have you ever thought about the brave men, that fought and died, so Blacks could be free? Aren’t they worth anything?

  • Work for your own belongings I have never taken a penny for anything I started working for pay at the age of 14. worked hard in school and graduated in the top 35 out of 537 students. I was taught to help my self and not expected it to be given to me from welfare. though my family qualified

  • Ms. Helm, you can go pound sand up your sizeable ass you stupid broom pilot. Here is another suggestion for you. Perhaps if black people (excluding those who are responsible, hard working, men and women) stopped screwing their fellow black citizens over, killing each other and creating children out of wed lock and without a father to be a roll model and stop blaming your lousy situation in life on whitey instead of on your own stupid ass decisions, then perhaps more and more of the black people across America will begin to realize the same success that every other ethnic minority in America has achieved. Instead of undermining your own communities with drugs, gang violence and unmarried mothers to raise children condemned to life at the poverty level. I know, I know, it’s easier to blame white people for every single negative thing in your life than to actually take responsibility and work to be better.

  • Both our peoples started the same, living in caves and then mud huts. The difference being that white people moved on to wooden houses, then stone and brick, whereas you couldn’t be bothered to advance yourselves and stayed put…Fact! Now, you see white people living in modern houses, acquired by working for a living, and you want some of that, but not by honest work but by lying, cheating and whining. Well, fuck you!!!

  • Why don’t you start by cleaning up your neighborhoods of the constant murders you people commit, and ignore. You slaughter each other by the 100’s each month and you have the gall to spit this crap out. Then claim to be afraid of the cops when it’s your own slaughtering each other. The cops aren’t doing it, nor are whites. Blacks do it all by themselves, and Chicago is a good example. One hundred and four murders, and over 400 shootings in July alone, and that is just one city. But not a peep out of BLM. Whites, and cops are not making you slaughter each other, but you riot, loot, shoot, even murder during these so called protests. The only thing you have accomplished is widening the division. The majority of Americans abhor your organization, your demands, and violence. And no one is going to give up their houses just because you demand it. And if you try take them, you will no doubt have something on yours you won’t be able handle.

  • If someone tries to ruin your reputation and your ability to feed your family that is perfectly acceptable terms to ending their lives. Maybe we as a people need to stop being cowards. They think we’re all monsters and racists anyway. No matter how well we treat them. We dont need their friendship or approval. What are we going to wait until they march us into gas chambers before we fight back?

  • I have worked my tail off to get what I have. NONE of it was given to me. All that I have, I worked for. If I can do it so can those who think I should turn over my house, and next my bank account. Just because my skin is white does not mean that I haven’t lived in poverty. By saving and working hard I managed to work my out of it.

    So tell me again BLM why you think my labor should go to you. If you want what I have, then work hard and you can have the same things that I have. And don’t tell me that because you are black that you can’t do it. There are plenty of black people who are doing very well BECAUSE THEY WORKED HARD TO GET IT, just like I did. There is no one getting in your way of having prosperity — other than yourself. If you have children, do what Ben Carson’s mother did — make them study and work hard. If your children don’t have the brains that Ben Carson and many other black people have, then teach them
    a trade that they can use to better themselves. There are few blacks that cannot learn how to do something that will lift them out of poverty, so do it like I did, and many others like me. I learned carpentry (I was an older woman when I did that) and took an undesirable house and made it into something that brought in enough money for us to buy the house some (not all blacks) think I should just give to you. You can do it. You just have to tell yourself that you can learn and you can do it. When you are tired, tell yourself to get up and do it.
    If I did so can you.

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