At the same time that Democrats are trying to say that white supremacists are responsible for the racist attacks against Asian Americans, Blacks and their supporters are being arrested for committing these hate crimes. Black supremacists? The latest to be accused of a hate crime is BLM activist Christopher Hamner, who is white but sides with BLM, for two separate acts of anti-Asian hate. Hamner took part in the CHOP movement in Seattle.

Where is all the money for the BLM riots coming from? Someone is paying for the transportation and living expenses for these activists who couldn’t possibly have jobs when they spend all their time traveling to riot spots across the country.  It would seem to me that they could be charged with aiding and abetting the assaults, looting and the burning of buildings. Certainly they played a part in them even if it was purely financial.

Pamela Cole told KOMO that Hamner threatened her and her young children as she attempted to drive past him.

Cole said:

“He just opens his door and starts yelling at me ‘F you, you Asian B! ‘F you’ kind of thing. And then he pulls in the parking lot and comes charging at us.”

She claims that he  yelled at her, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” and that she and her kids were stuck and that she felt helpless as a mother would during the attack.

KOMO reported that Hamner often was seen protesting with Black Lives Matter last summer at many different sites including CHOP in Seattle. He participated in many actions led by BLM and antifa.

Cole said that fact did not surprise her. This anti-Asian hate is nothing new. Blacks have often felt animosity towards Asians that started up businesses in Black areas, considering them interlopers. Only a small minority have been involved in assaults against them.

From The Blaze

Cole told KOMO she reached out to Hamner’s employers at a VA hospital to try to get him help since she doesn’t believe putting him behind bars will do him any good.

“At the end of the day if he goes to jail, he still comes out as a racist full of hate,” she noted to the station. “Nothing’s changed. He didn’t learn anything. … There was no rehab in it, so to me it’s pointless.”

KOMO said Hamner remains in custody and is due to enter a plea on hate crime charges Thursday morning.



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  • If the FBI were not corrupt 1000s of people in ANTIFA and BLM would be prosecuted for sedition and the entire left-wing web of non profits funded by George Soros would be taken down under RICO laws, and a few left-wing billionaires who fund them would also be rolled up and die in prison. But every level of the Government is now completely corrupt and the only way to fix it is … you know

    • I agree!☆☆!!☆☆MAGA
      All of the extra law agencies should be abolished and new agencies as well as missions estabished!
      WE THE PEOPLE must reclaim our rightful role as the ones to rule in accordance to the rule of law.

  • FYI , ANTIFA is not a group or organization. It is an ideology. It stands for Anti-Fascist, just like my two uncles were – who fought and died fighting against fascists in WWII.

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