Black Lives Matter Militant Says He Wants to Murder NYPD Police Officers, ‘I Wanna Hang Him From a F*cking Tree’ (VIDEO)

A BLM militant has made threats against NYC police officers in a mindless rant at a recent rally.

The militant said:

“I wanna put my foot on his f*cking neck like he do us. I wanna put my foot on his back like he do us. I wanna hang him from a f*cking tree like he do us.”

It’s amazing that cities and states do not want church services to go on without severe social distancing rules but leftists can hold massive riots and not a peep from the Democrats.

Have you noticed anything else? During the riots people are getting shot with illegal guns carried by domestic terrorists and not one Democrat has come forward pointing to the evil of guns. In fact, in their silence, they are endorsing their use. Democrats do not condemn shootings necessarily, they just want their side to do the shooting.

Mayors and governors mandate school and business closings and at the same time endorse the violent anarchists who have been tearing down our cities. Minneapolis alone has seen $500 million in damages to businesses, homes, and police cars.

Many states will never recover from the shutdowns and each one will go begging to the federal government for aid to rebuild what they allowed the anarchists to destroy. You can burn down the local Wendy’s but don’t you dare worship God.

From The Gateway Pundit

A Black Lives Matter militant on Tuesday evening proudly boasted over a megaphone that he wanted to murder NYPD police officers.

Kids still can’t go to school and governors are locking down their states again but these Black Lives Matter terrorists are allowed to gather in the streets and threaten to murder police officers.

This is pure Marxism.

Left-wing terrorists can protest without social distancing, destroy businesses, shoot people in broad daylight, beat up motorists, burn buildings to the ground and loot without being prosecuted.

In contrast, people who want to go to work to feed their families are threatened with fines and jail time.




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