Black Lives Matter is insisting that the University of California is the largest university system in the United States with 23 campuses and 430,000 underclassmen.

They are looking for a dean of Ethnic Studies. BLM is insisting the position go to Dr. Melina Abdullah, who leads the LA chapter of Black Lives Matter and is the professor of Pan African Studies at Cal State LA’

Abdullah had an interview for the job but she was passed over for the position. her supporters claim she was passed over because of her opposition to everything anti-blackness.

The BLM list of demands has also been endorsed by the California Faculty Association, a labor union that represents 29,000 professors, lecturers, librarians and staffers in the CSU community.

BLM has listed 15 demands of the university system. here are a few of them:




Abdullah has openly campaigned for the position and has requested that the public notify the university of their desire to see her named as the Dean of Ethnic Studies. The founding dean’s job description includes participating “in developing University policy and strategic planning and represent the College internally and in the larger community and region.”

Hundreds of activists rallied outside the office of college Dean Covino’s office demanding that Abdullah receive the new position.

From The Daily Wire

Abdullah was instrumental in convincing LA’s public school district in 2014 to mandate ethnic studies classes as a requirement for high school graduation. She serves on the Taskforce for the Advancement of Ethnic Studies for the CSU system.

Meanwhile, she is pushing statewide legislation requiring CSU students to take one 3-credit unit of any accepted Ethnic Studies class. That proposal, Assembly Bill 1460, would supersede a broader requirement recently approved by CSU’s Board of Trustees. The bill is expected to reach Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk soon.

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    • I agree, Soros, Clintons, Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt puppetmasters need to stop this before we pull off all their covers. STOP TRYING TO DISTRACT your citizens with race riots and other things just to try to save your crimes from being discovered and prosecuted! We are tired – We no longer want Democrats to have the power. You are too corrupt and have forgotten about your citizens ! No more caring only for illegals, criminals, and stealing millions of dollars! WE ARE ON TO YOU!

  • First of all, she is a racist as is BLM and their underlying position is along the Marxist social/political ideological philosophy. Second, most universities across this nation, have no business even using the word “Freedom” especially in the context that this individual, BLM and it’s supporters are demanding. The average public university in any given state has demonstrated repeatedly that they have a completely skewed interpretation of the word, definition and concept. To them, freedom seems to mean one is free to think and believe what they say one should or you will be ostrisized and silenced through the threat of having your reputation smeared, career or academic grades low balled harming one’s ability to work in their field of study after graduating. The university system has become the final phase of indoctrinating American youth into hating their country and acting as tools of those who infest the education system, to push their Marxist agenda of destroying the republic. Our taxes fund these universities, it is time we stop funding the radicalization of our youth as a weapon to destroy our country.

    • Your opinion of the Universities is right, but the hate of America does not start there. The favoritism given to non-English speaking children in elementary schools and beyond is where it starts. The schools get more money for disadvantaged children, so the majority of the money from the federal government and state is spent on ESL classes. The Children who are English speakers (citizens) they suffer because all the extras are removed – school field trips Gifted and Talented Education (for the smart kids) Music, all gone and replaced by ESL – By the time they reach college they are well indoctrinated in the lies of White Privilege, and institutional racism. I heard it from my kids – even though mine were beaten up all the time for being White. – so WHO has the Privilege? not white people – but we have reached our limit – Anyone knows Americans will not take abuse lying down – so watch out BLM

  • This is ludacrous! Why do we need ethnic studies when America is supposed to be a place where you assimilate ? None of these black people are from anywhere but THE GOOD OLE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! They are Americans – that is their heritage and ethnicity. If they want a different ethnicity – move to another country! This is getting on my nerves! Should we have ethnic studies for those of us who are Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, English and German? if we are not willing to open the colleges to all those ethic studies then NO ETHNIC STUDIES ! to do otherwise is RACIST!