Oprah Winfrey is getting a lot of feedback over her overtly racist show in which she tries to get a bunch of spineless white people to admit they are racists. If whiteness were a real advantage, I would be the billionaire and not her. She made her fortune thanks to her white audience, including my mother, who loved her and her show.

There were many people who commented on the show, but in the interests of getting in good with the boss, I will post the comment from David Harris Jr first:

“She makes me sick.”

“Using white ‘SJW’ activists, some who are members of ANTIFA, as proof that ‘white’ people when ‘Woke’ can admit that they ARE racists, just like the rest of the white population, who are yet to self realize it. Sickening, and must be challenged for what it is, Malcolm X re-packaged for 2020’s snowflakes and BLM activism.”


I’m not a fool. I know that racism still exists in the United States. It shouldn’t but it does but what I don’t believe is that it is systemic. If acts of racism was as widespread as they claim, there would be a lot less hoaxes. You would not have to make it up.

And every move someone makes where a white employee is chosen for a promotion and a raise, is not always racism. It must be judged on an individual basis. After all, Sigmund Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

No doubt the Oprah show probably enjoyed high ratings. Dog and pony shows are still popular but as far as content goes I would give it  Ed Woods.

So the next time a 49 year old man delivers a pizza from your favorite joint, remember if not for his whiteness, he would have a really degrading job such as being an exotic dancer in a gay club or being a writer at the New York Times.

Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for DavidJHarrisJr.com, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on Amazon.com. All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • I would never ever buy anything nor listen to anything she does—- EVER!!! She is inciting racism with her asinine comments and bigoted lies. How did she become who she is today?? Because whites are all racists??? I think not. SHE is the one living in Momtecito, CA in her massive mansion as only one of her opulent estates. Shame on you Oprah. Why don’t YOU take in people into your massive homes and help with your billions?????

    • Yes, why does she not help her people in the poorer areas of the USA? help make bad schools better ,help make bad neighborhoods better. She would rather spend her money in foreign countries to make herself look better.

    • Where are all these people that have millions and billions of money? Instead of helping with problems in America they are dividing the country more. I’ve have got up and went to work since 1971, starting pay at $1.65 hourly. No privilege here…. hoping to retire soon. I don’t blame anybody for my life.

  • Oprah is just another liberal that has bought into the systemic racism lie that is plaguing America….brought on by the BLM movement, which is really not about black lives mattering at all…it has a political agenda, and that’s to put democRATS in office…If you don’t believe me, go ahead pull up their web site its blm.com…their agenda is to destroy the nuclear family, they promote gay & transgender lifestyles…and go ahead check their books, and see where all of those hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations go, certainly not to black people or their communities…it funds the democratic party…and take a good look at Antifa, founder George Sorros who has spent his life trying to destroy America by way of a race war!

    • If your white and you know it say amen, if your black and you know say amen, if your red and you know say amen, if your yellow and you know it say amen….be proud of your face and culture, we are not in the 1700’s, we all should be thankful for who and where we are…We are free for now, don’t let the Oprahs enslave you with her racist garbage, then turn her off and tune her out and anything she promotes write letters of disgust that their products are endorsed by a racist no different than the KIM and stop buying it…money talks, talk to sports team owners who are losing millions because of racist players, you don’t love this Country go home to russia, Africa or wherever but don’t play sports here…. Oprah the real deal Racist, very sad…

      • Agree!!all these millionaires forget how they got there. Cut off their support- cut off their millions!! I cut opra off a long time ago!

        • How does someone with a stupid 4 o’clock talk show make that kinda money to begin with how dumb a complete failure of capitalism……. Let’s sit around on the couch an talk about how to lose weight…..girls…….. Weeeee….. I’ll take my 40 mill now. What a joke even the Romans would know what a dumb system of government that is. Same with actors playing house for; Millions. What a joke the only one who deserves that kinda cash are breakthrough scientist and veteran’s of war.

  • So. Since I’m so privileged. And white. Why is it I have had to have mayjor surgery to my spine so I can walk and work because of work? Trust me I will be working till the day I die. Also to I had to file bankruptcy because I was white and the government wouldn’t help . privileged. Get a clue!!!!

  • I use to watch her show, thought she was spot on with some of her topics that hit home. I am not racist, never have been as a matter of fact in the 60s ,about 1966 or so i was the cause of my mom, my sisters and i getting kicked out of a apartment in Davenport iowa because they put a boy behind the book cases with his desk in first grade..i would get into trouble for moveing my desk behind the book cases with his..on the playground i would go play with the other kids, and after school i would get beat up by the white kids and the black kids because ” i didnt know my place” , i refused the order to move my desk back where it was Suppose to be, our landlord saw me playing with black kids n told my mom to get me under control of course i really didnt listen and we had to move, his name, the boy i Tried to befriend, name was Kim, had a scar on the bridge of his nose, …later years i was about 14 ..my grandad said this to me.” Jodi girl when you grow up and deceide to get married I want you to remember this, people are people no matter their skin color,But black women already have enough problems in the world,what they do Not need is some little white girl making a play for a man that maybe already married with a family disrupting their homelife”… “Be yoursepf accept peo0le for Who they are not their looks or skin color but for who they are on the inside be respectful to all people and life will treat you good.” Sure there racist people in the world, but we came so far over the years people like Obama and Ophra has set us back in time and made a world issue out of a some bad apples out thete. My personal thoughts are i dont give a rats ass what you look like what color your eyes are or your skin, you treat me good ill treat you good we all bleed cry n hurt we are Humane its good to share different cultures and learn about People, i do not know any living slaves white, indian irish or black i do know some good people hard working people, i know some Users, who wouldcrather sit on their ass and demand and expect others to support all their needs and wants, i know takers, people who will continue to take from someone and not care how it effects them in their day to day living…this world is going to shit and this Is Not The America i grew up in..

  • Oprah needs to apologize to every single person in the whole USA for being the MOST racist person alive. This “oppressive” country made her who she is and she is nothing but an ungrateful witch…who only wants the world to grovel at her feet. Sorry Oprah…let me show you to your new throne in that little room where you can flush it….

    • Amen. Oprah is a race baiting hater and always has been. I use to think she was a live and let live on air for entertainment . That was her show, sell it. I always sensed something maniacal about her. That “nasty nice” covering dishonesty and distain. I’ve tried to like her but there has always been a uneasy, untrustworthy feeling there. Bam, I was right. She likes to think everyone likes her for who she portrayed herself to be. Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve met anyone black or white that likes or trusted Oprah. Actually the white women are who made her fortune for her.

    • Oprah needs to donate all of her money to a worthy cause. ALL of her wealth should be given up and she she should admit to all of the white celebrities that she swooned over that she acually HATES them.

    • Where was Oprah when the little boy Cannon was buried today? I guess it is ok for a black man to shoot a little boy and kill him? I guess it’s because the white boy has white privilege and the black man was angry and thought it was ok to kill the little boy. Where is Oprah’s outrage and the BLM outrage?? Bad people are bad people color does not matter, gay heterosexual does not matter , BAD PEOPLE ARE BAD PEOPLE!! Oprah could have used her platform to point this out not talk about White Privilege. There are plenty of Black people that have Black privilege! Good, Bad or Indifferent our history is our history, we could choose to learn from it or we can keep being angry!!

  • Don’t buy weight watchers, Oat milk , Heinz products or any movie or television show she produces including Dr. Oz, OWN, and Dr. Phil. Let’s see how she hates whites when her money dwindles. Yeah all that money and she still hypes this bullshit. If she wanted to help blacks in this country, how about starting a trade school in each poor neighborhood, no she buys a farm in Hawaii so she can sell produce to the locals. Nothing but a liberal lying lesbian

    • A real racist is the snow white Joe Biden. History proves he is a White racist and she supports Creepy Joe Biden for President. Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of being a white racist and yet she wants to be His Vice President. I am sure there are a lot of black racist but you never hear about it. I would never again watch OPRICK again.

  • If your white and you know it say amen, if your black and you know say amen, if your red and you know say amen, if your yellow and you know it say amen….be proud of your face and culture, we are not in the 1700’s, we all should be thankful for who and where we are…We are free for now, don’t let the Oprahs enslave you with her racist garbage, then her off and then her out and anything she promotes write letters of disgust that their products are endorsed by a racist no different than the KIM and stop buying it…money talks, talk to sports team owners who are losing millions because of racist players, you don’t love this Country go home to russia, Africa or wherever but don’t play sports here….

  • Oprah, just like her Hollywood Liberal friends, lives in a BUBBLE where she is protected by her wealth in gated PRIVATE communities, personnel security, and bodyguards. She is friends with Obama so she is probably being influenced by him. She is a TOTAL HYPOCRITE, and I do not plan to watch any of her specials or anything with her in it. The situation is just so disgusting in that she is interviewing Antifa members (Marxists) to shame white people.

  • The biggest problem White people have is being hated by Guilt White people. Oprah is the snake oil sales woman who pushes racist poison. Racist Oprah’s influence elected the first racist Black man to the Presidency.

    • I read her name was in the flight log on Lolita Express??Who knows what she was doing at Epstein Island….hmmm..

  • Oprah, you are a sad unhappy racist individual! I pray for you & all blacks to find peace. You need to let the past go. No whites alive today were slave owners & no blacks alive were slaves either. This is all hate & your statements & comments are of ignorance! We can’t change the past but we can learn from it. #Stop the Hate #Stop the Ignorance

  • Oprah’s true colors finally came out she is a racist’ she got rich off of us , We now Know and see the true real Oprah Winfrey and hear her racists rants , (Oh But that’s right only whites can be racist right ? )That women is a joke she should not be an influence on the life of anyone , Please hide that rich Bigoted face of yours Oprah Because the only place your face should be seen is on a billboard stating Racist women who lied their way to stardom .

  • she made millions off the backs of white women – now she thinks we are all racists – I stopped watching this racist idiot when she invited Sarah Palin on her show and then canceled her saying – Oh – I am inviting the Obama’s – she can go to hell and take all her money with her – Money will never make her a nice person…..

  • The tables have turned…. The most racist men and womtin America are black. They have been raised to believe. Because of their skin color they will be treated differently, this is all about how everyone raises their children. You can definitely tell just by having a conversation with these kinds of people if they have any respect for human life or America’s values. I can’t believe this woman had the audacity to say anything like this when she doesn’t even understand what a normal human being goes through day-to-day just trying to pay bills

    • You are so correct!! The most racist people I have met and life disrespecting have been violent black people those of BLM and then the white violent psychos of Antifa…. racism exists alright and it is from black people and psycho white people and began to be ok because of Obama and his racist slob wife Michelle! That woman has to make up examples of racism because she never experienced it!! People mistaking her for the help was racist? Get a grip Amazon people mistake me for the help in the stores all the time but it must be hate against short people? Maybe because I am white? Perhaps it’s because I look like I know what the hell I am doing? Perhaps that’s why people approached you and asked you questions at stores? Dummie!! It was a compliment ya looked confident. Obama’s Definitely lost my respect when they began their racist rhetoric against white people and cop hate!!

    • You are correct, they are taught from birth how to be racist with the “white privilege” and “slavery days ” and how mistreated they are……But you can believe they don’t mind their color when they go for the government checks and food stamps….

  • What makes them change-the money ,the power? She could have been a game changer! She could have put people together yo help her race! Her own city Chicago! She could have been a voice against misogynistic and violent music! She could have improved the lives of millions instead she chose herself. Her legacy is dead. Oprah could have been a real star- a role model.

  • This pos is joking right. Oh wait thats just my “white privilege” saying the things I say cuz for sure I’m racist. NOT! This woman has no room to talk shes a multi billionaire. So clearly as the day is long noone treated her like a black person that she is saying all white people treat black people like or she would not be a billionaire today. HARD WORK PAYS OFF IT DONT MATTER YOUR GODDAMN SKIN COLOR. people really need to grow up and see what these elitist and democrats are doing. These dickheads are trying to start a racewar. We are past this it is absoutely disgusting. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND WE SHOULD NOT LET THESE IDIOTS TRY TO CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS. #OprahWinfreyyouareadisgracetoAMERICA

  • I saw your show back in the seventies and eighties most of your audience and viewers were mostly white and that who made you rich Oprah….I am 70 and still do not like you….bragging about 90 million dollar house…..and people need help and your still going around bragging!! You might as well get rid of weight-watchers – your still FAT..

  • I remember Oprah Winfrey when she was on People Are Talking in Baltimore, Maryland. She came in my Dad’s store. I remember overhearing that Richard Schere (spelling) didn’t want to co-anchor with her. He was white. He was a racist. I was so proud of her and looked up to her as a kid and thought, Richard Schere can go pound sand, look at Oprah now, she had her own show.

    Fast forward decades. I’m not sure what happen to her whether it’s money, fame or narcissism but she is not the person that I once admired and looked up to. She is a money grubbing, fame sneaking, anti-American. The worse part, she is such an actress pretending that she cares. She makes me sick. We don’t need another person to cause a division in our country.

    I’m white and I WILL NOT apologize for my color. I am not a racist and my daily actions prove that. Your actions Oprah, just proves that you’re the racist!!!

  • This bitch has some nerve she is worth almost 3 trill iook n dollars and sheis talking about white priviledge she should be bowing for her priviledge of he being able to make that kind of money in this country you are far from opressed see what all your billions are going to do for you and the obamas you when you are all burning in hell for your evilness were is that money going to get you BLM should come visit you .Maybe you can help those poor opressed people with all your money you cow 🐄🐄I love my bread .You arent privileged you are the one with billions .


  • I couldn’t agree more with Mr Harris-Oprah makes me ill-a perfect example of her selfish rich privilege is when she received such high praise from everyone for “giving away cars to everyone in the audience” oh what a generous person! Bullshit! Those cars are not “free”-convenient that no one points out that those folks have to pay tax (luxury tax cause nothing is free) title and licensing which most couldn’t afford and Oprah the wonderful person she is gets thousand in tax write off for “giving” away cars! How about pay some rent for those folks in your home town of Chicago that are on food stamps? Or buy shoes and clothes for kids that only eat when at school? Generous my ass!!

  • I will NEVER admit to anything. This is part of our history. Take the good with the bad. Why don’t you spend your money on the low class black areas and help the blacks STOP killing each other? The media and you are dividing this wonderful country. Just like there are some white people who are ignorant, there are black people who are ignorant. Put your money into the towns that are destroying all the small businesses, that are stealing from hard working Americans and looting…Why are you NOT going to these towns to spread your crap. Put your money into those places that rebuilding now… Get rid of the black channel, the black churches, the black this and the black that and combine!!!! STOP segregating yourselves and combine so we all are together.

  • You are the problem with this country. You are an entitled racist who is a billionaire because of ALL RACES. so how about you give back all the money white people gave u? How about u never accept money from a white person. I guess u would be broke you moron. How about u take all your racist friends…..like Ellen, joy, whoopie etc and leave this beautiful country. We don’t want u u asshole.

  • Oprah can go to hell for all I care I am white and not ashamed of it blacks sold blacks in to slavery whites pulled blacks out of slavery and blacks have been advancing ever since they are only held back by their own self doubts that they can’t succeed look at the ones that have made it they had convinced that they could succeed and did.

  • It’s amazing how a black person can get a television show calling all whites racist, however, you won’t see a show about how blacks are killing each other at alarming rates. Feelings over facts has always been the way of the “Woke” people, and the left.

  • Our country is probably the least racist in the world. Blacks in this country have more privilege than whites do, it is shown daily. This evil woman is a racist herself, yet won’t admit it. Her wealth came by whites watching her. She promotes weight watchers, yet is fat, tells you how to run your marriage, yet isn’t married, tells you how to raise your children, yet has none. Tells you where to send your money, yet holds tight to her billions of dollars. She is nothing more than a racist hypocrite.

  • Racism is on every corner from every race. It is not only white people. I know more black people who are racist than white people. She is ridiculous. Made her money off of white people(majority) and now that she is set in life, where is her help for the poor she is supposed to be backing? She has lost touch with who made her who she is. Sad woman who will never be able to distinguish between racism and privilege. She is both!

  • Shame shame shame on Oprah!! I used to love her but yet again another famous person has really shown there true colors!! She has nothing to loose at this point -one of the richest women on the planet causing more division – !! Creating all this division and hate during a time that people of her standing should be encouraging all of us to come together — Sad to see this going on with someone who so many ONCE admired!!

  • FOR YEARS! Oprah is so so so out of touch in her BUBBLE! As are all leftists. Left? Either well to do and support tax increase they can afford for shit programs. Or poor and uneducated sheep!