HBO host Bill Maher spent years promoting the Russian Conspiracy hoax. He joined the chorus in accusing President Trump of being a lackey for Vladimir Putin but like everything else the press tried to tar him with, this was a total lie.

The FBI and Robert Mueller and his gang of angry Democrats spent over $40 million dollars investigating the president and came up empty. They fell flat on their face.

Now, ultra-liberal Bill Maher is finally admitting that the whole thing was nothing more than hot air paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

Hundreds of liberal media sites and hacks tried to perpetuate the lie that Trump worked with Russia to defeat the second worst candidate in history. (Joe Biden is currently number one.) But in the end, they had to admit defeat, although the Democrats still tell that lie, especially A dam “Liar” Schiff.

Veteran journalist Brit Hume went so far as to say the mainstream media’s narrative was the “worst journalistic fiasco”  he had ever witnessed in his life.

The entire lie collapsed when Robert Mueller finally released his report and he said that they were unable to find any collusion between Russia and Trump or any of his campaign workers. Mueller tried to brighten up the report by saying they could not prove there was no collusion.

Maher said:

“But did they involve themselves with other countries? I feel like, yes, we play dirty politics, but we always had one rule: no ringers, keep it in the family, do what you do, but don’t bring in the guy from Russia.”

“Look, a lot of this stuff we found out or we’re finding out was reported erroneously.” 

From The Blaze

Maher presented his theory that Trump was “both an idiot and crazy.” Maher brought up Trump’s quote from the 2016 campaign trail, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

“We, like, thought that it had to be more of a conspiracy. It may turn out that most of it really was just what he did in public,” Maher said. “When I look back, I’m like ‘Wow, we lived through this?'”


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