Bill de Blasio Who Threatened to Close All Churches is Providing Muslims with 500,000 Halal Meals for Ramadan.

The same mayor who threatened to close all Christian churches is now supplying Muslims with 500,000 halal meals for Ramadan. Isn’t that a violation of the constitution where it says the government cannot favor one religion over another.

de Blasio said:

“One of Ramadan’s most noble callings is to feed the hungry. And it’s a crucial part of how the holiday is celebrated, to remember to be there for those in need. And that is now harder than ever.”

“Obviously, people can’t go to their mosques. In fact, mosques have often been a place that those who were hungry, those who were poor, would know they could go during Ramadan to break the fast.”

“They knew there would always be a meal there for them. That’s not going to be true in this season. So we want to, the city of New York wants to, support this community as we’re supporting all communities,” 


From Breitbart News

“So over half-a-million meals will be distributed during Ramadan,” he said.

The mayor stressed supporting “this community as we’re supporting all communities,” also mentioning the city creating Kosher food programs as well.

It is important “to recognize that we are all in this together,” de Blasio continued.

“We want to respect all the people, all the faiths of New York City,” he said. “This is part of what makes New York City so great–that we have that mutual respect.”

De Blasio emphasized that food is available for “any New Yorker,” promising that “no New Yorker will go hungry.”

“Any New Yorker needs food, it will always be there for you during this crisis. Your city will provide,” he said. “There’s no question.

Ramadan began on Thursday and ends May 23.



  1. Did he feed the masses for Easter? Nooo. If he did something like this for Christians, we would never hear the end of it.

  2. Heads up, Smarty Pants!! CHURCHES have been feeding the poor for centuries as well. We expect you to do likewise for the Christian churches come Thanksgiving and Christmas… oh… did you help at local church food banks at EASTER?!?! NOPE! You DID NOT!!!


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