Joe Biden says that he will have this country running on wind and solar by the year 2035. Not only is that dangerous, it’s extremely expensive. How expensive? Electricity generated from natural gas sells for 5 cents a kilowatt hour. Wind and solar cost .34 cents per kWh. So if your electric bill is 200 dollars a month, you will be paying a minimum of $1,200 for the same usage under Biden’s promise.

Remember that there are often times when wind and solar produce too little for our electric needs. But there are also times where they produce too much electricity and that can damage our power grids. Electricity can be stored but not cheaply or efficiently.

To store five days worth of electricity it would require a storage battery capable of storing 264 GWh needed in wintertime when there are likely to be five days of cloudy weather . The largest storage battery in the world is in Australia and it is only capable of storing 130 MWh. Two thousand of them would be needed to store the 264,000 MWh needed for a reliable supply to the 4,000 MW load. 

The additional cost now raises the price per kWh to .38 cents compared to the current 5 cents a kWh. Besides that, consider this. Over the past 20 years, we have spent countless tens of billions of dollars on developing wind and solar energy and we only haven 8% of our electricity supplied by renewable energy. There will be brownouts and blackouts.

From PJ Media

The conclusion is that about 25,000 MW of solar plus storage capacity is needed to supply the 4,000 MW demand! If batteries are used to provide five days of storage, the total cost is in the region of $70 billion, which explains the very high cost of providing a reliable supply from solar power.

Wind power that has an average output of 35% of its installed capacity is better but does not lead to a large reduction in price because the battery cost dominates.

Solar power with hydro-pumped storage is less expensive—an overall cost of 23¢/kWh, but still almost five-times the cost in the U.S. for combined-cycle natural gas generation. But hydro-pumped storage is impractical in most areas for the reason cited above.

From a greenhouse gas point of view, wind and solar power are horribly expensive. Carbon dioxide emissions are currently valued at about $30/tonne while calculations show that the carbon dioxide avoided by policy focused on wind and solar power would cost more than $1,400 per tonne.

Manufacturing will move out of the country almost entirely. Unlike other industries where the largest expenditure is for labor, manufacturing’s most expensive expenditure is electricity. And hospitals which are having a tough time keeping their head above water will see bankruptcies increase tenfold.

And remember, the costs in this article is the best case scenario, not them worst. God, please save us all.


Steven Ahle

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  • Oh my, please edit the kWh so it is what you imply! Saying .34 cents when you really mean 34 cents! And we always put a 0 (zero) in front of a decimal point.

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