Welcome to the new America, where a massive invasion on the border is not a problem and highways are racist.

The population in Houston, Texas is growing by leaps and bounds and the Interstate is seeing major congestion. So, they developed a plan, got the financing and the permits, and did all of the necessary studies taking a couple of years to complete. They got ready to break ground to add lanes when Biden stopped them from proceeding.

It seems that a highway is racist now.

Mental giant Sheila Jackson Lee suggested the additional lanes should not ne added because it would require doing away with one thousand homes and many businesses. But, that is the case any time you build or expand a highway.

Highways always or at least almost always built through the poorest parts of towns for a good reason. It’s cheaper to buy out thousands of $100,000 homes than thousands of $500,000 homes.

The extra cost would doom many road projects. Meanwhile, people commuting to and from work every day are seeing as much or more than an hour a day more driving time.

You could even make the liberal argument that cars stopping and going on a major highway burns a lot of fossil fuel adding to emissions. And who would bear the brunt of the added emissions? The people who live near the highway.

It’s social justice versus environmental justice.

From The Blaze

In light of those concerns, the Federal Highway Administration sent a letter to TxDOT in March notifying the department that it had received three complaints — one from Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and two from local advocacy organizations — about the project’s negative effects and would need time to review them.

“To allow FHWA time to evaluate the serious Title VI concerns raised in the letters referred to above, we request that TxDOT pause before initiating further contract solicitation efforts for the project, including issuance of any Requests for Proposals, until FHWA has completed its review and determined whether any further actions may be necessary to address those concerns,” the letter read.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Acts prohibits discrimination “on the basis of race, color, or national origin” in any project that receives federal funding.

In its final environmental impact statement published last year, TxDOT acknowledged the project would displace thousands of residences and hundreds of businesses, the effects of which “would be predominantly borne by minority and low-income populations.” But the department claimed that it it would sufficiently compensate for any adverse impacts.


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