Joe Biden’s win was a big boost for retired politicians willing to crawl into bed with the Chinese government and support their slavery of the Uyghurs.  In fact, liberal universities received $90 million dollars from a company tied to the Chinese military. Former California US Senator Barbara Boxer recognized the opportunity and is taking full advantage of it.

Boxer has applied as a foreign agent for the Chinese company Hikvision USA, the American subsidiary of a Chinese surveillance company.

That company has been designated as backlisted by the US government. But with Joe taking over don’t be surprised if they are taken off the list real soon. The Chinese government owns 42% of the company that makes devices for the Chinese military.

Boxer’s registration form in order to become a foreign agent says that she will be providing strategic counsel to Hikvision.

Hikvision supplies surveillance equipment for the Chinese government and to their military as well. No, they aren’t planning to use that equipment against us. If they have trouble with the blacklist designation, Boxer can always sleep with Eric Swalwell.

Boxer’s firm Mercury Public Affairs has also lobbied for the countries of Turkey, Libya and Kazakhstan. China just seems like a perfect fit.

It is believed that Mercury plans on using the former Democratic Senator in other endeavors that will be needed to approve through the government. She served in the Senate with Joe Biden from 1993 through early 2017. She was replaced by Kamala Harris.

From The Daily Caller

Though Hikvision has been accused of being a tool of the repressive Chinese Community Party, Mercury hailed Boxer in an announcement of her hiring on Jan. 7, 2020, for crafting “policies to help improve our democracy” when she served in the Senate.

Boxer initially endorsed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Democratic presidential primary. She endorsed Biden on March 1, 2020, according to a Biden campaign statement put out ahead of the California primary.

According to Boxer’s FARA registration, she contributed $500 to Biden’s presidential inauguration fund.

David Vitter, a former Republican senator for Louisiana, is also a registered lobbyist for Hikvision. The Washington Post reported in October 2019 that Vitter complained in a company conference call about the Trump administration’s “assaults” against Hikvision.



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  • Boxer, Pelosi, and many aging politicians are simply proof that only the GOOD die young. Our elections have been FIXED in California for many years. The only way we can hope to get many of these individuals out is to wait until their time on earth is done. Getting signatures to recall Newsom before he is unleashed on the entire country in a POTUS run, but we have no faith in the electoral process that is necessary to see it through.

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