Democrats have no problem with the use of IEDs in American cities as long as it’s the far left that’s using them. To make these explosive devices even more dangerous is the fact that they are now packing them with nails. Democrats are downplaying the violence coming from domestic terror groups. One even calling the violence a myth.

How will they be able to spin once police or civilians are killed by these devices? They can’t afford to say they were mistaken because the voters would judge their ability to make the correct decisions voters count on.

On the other hand, voters are not used to Democrats using good judgment, so it may not hurt them.

Both Seattle and Portland are seeing more and more explosive devices being used and it is just a matter of time before someone dies. When that happens, Democrats could be left very vulnerable because of their undying support for the riots.

This past week, a van in Seattle contained IEDs, stun guns, and other weapons being used by the fascists at Antifa. A bag of the same was found in Portland and both cities have seen them being used by the rioters.


Acting Head of the DHS, Chad Wolf confirms the use of IEDs in Portland. Federal officials plan to remain in Portland until the domestic terrorists are soundly defeated. Gov Kate Brown has promised that she will clear out the rioters but if you believe her, you are loonier than Joe Biden.

From The Daily Caller

Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best announced Thursday that a recent search warrant found multiple weapons, including an improvised explosive, according to Q13’s Brandi Kruse. The warrant was for an impounded van taken at Saturday’s riot.

Other weapons reportedly found included bear spray, tasers and improvised spike strips, according to Best. The items were reportedly being given to people in the crowd.

Steven Ahle

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  • Every single leader in DC has taken an oath to protect this country and it’s citizens from terrorist including domestic one’s these riots are terrorism you DC do your job

  • Yes especially when they (the Democrats) say the rioting is a peaceful protest. It definitely is not and has not been since the 2nd week of the protesting. This is what is going to make them loose is because they don’t care what the protesters are doing. The worse they get the happier they are. They say oh don’t worry about them— so they don’t care what happens esp. to us.